Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Wrap Up: The Festive Birthday Weekend!

That Pawty was Awesome!
And it's been quite
The Festive Birthday Weekend!!!
Truth be told, I had a couple of days of really not feeling well. Not so much disease related as it was prednisone related... I drank too much water, too quickly and didn't empty my bladder quickly enough on Thursday. The symptoms are similar to a UTI, need I say more?

I did this once before, so the Mom knew what to do... She put me on a schedule. All day on Friday until almost midnight, I was outside every 20 minutes... then every hour and a half through the night, until Saturday when we upped it to every hour. And by noon on Saturday, I was back to normal, except....

On Friday, we learned that the state distributor for Wysong foods is distributing no longer... Our source for purchasing the food didn't have my Anergen formula, so this meant immediately trying to mix a new food into a limited amount of my old food... And like a DUMMY, my the Mom didn't use RICE as a bridge. I need not spell out the consequences. I know you have an accurate imagination.

On Saturday, the Mom called around and found 32 pounds of Wysong Anergen in northern Harris County. My Aunt Karen picked it up and got it to us last night. Now we can do a gradual transition to California Natural Grain Free Rice and Potato. Thank you, Aunt Karen!!!
I'm so happy to be feeling better, and my the Mom is HAPPY, RELIEVED and GRATEFUL!!!

And now, I'd like to catch you up on the rest of my Birthday Weekend!

The Cake
Baked and decorated by my the Mom,
who should clearly keep her day job!
See Me Sit!
Close-Up Take 1
Close-Up Take 2
Close-Up Take 3: LICK!
Close-Up Take 4
Close-Up Take 5
Sit... Again.
My The Mom says I'm a Sweet Boy!!!
And My Cake was YUMMMMMMMM!!!
And here's Little Reufus sitting for his cake!
'Release' the hound!
Reuf made quick work of devouring the cake,
and he said... mmmmmm!

The Presents
From Aunt Madison, Uncle Tom and The Herd...A New Bleu Bag, A Festive Horn and...

Then Saturday morning... the doorbell rang!
Thinking we had a late arriving party guest,
We all three raced to the front door,
Where we greeted the Postman
With a Very Special Package!!!
Reufus knew immediately what was inside. He tried to eat the corner of the box as the Mom and I began to open it carefully... so he has been safely removed, in order that we may take proper photos!

Inside that glorious box, sent to Us from Our Very Special Aunt Sheila and Uncle Bob and Cousins Hamish, Sophie and Foster Tucker... were the tastiest chips that have ever crossed my lips! I mean, seriously, I will do ANYthing for these Sweet Potato Chips!!!

Now come on! Let's get our Chip on!!!
And for my the Mom, this very special calendar... celebrating The Rescues from As Good As Gold Rescue Group! Click HERE to flip through this beautiful calendar. April reminds me of Reufus. And May with Sammy... is my the Mom's personal favorite.
Click HERE to order your own AGAG Calendar! All proceeds directly benefit Goldens in need, and your wall will look AWESOME!!! It's a WIN WIN!

And I WIN again...
with another wonderful gift from
My The Aunt Karen & My Cousins Rizzi and Zeke!!! 
Berry Treats!!!!!
And the cutest BLEU Effylant... Ever!!!
I mean... He is CUTE!
Repleat with the white tusks,
I will call him Biff!
I love My Birthday. I love My Weekend. I love My Cake. I love My Chips. I love My Gifts, My Stuffies! I love Every Minute of Every Day!
I'm grateful to be feeling Great. The Celebration has been fun and super special! And as we unwind from The Festivities, I also treasure the quiet times, the ordinary times, the normalcy. And that's because...

Each of My Days is Chock Full of Love and Comfort!

My Friends, because I've been feeling a bit poorly and we got so far behind on our sleep, I've been out of touch on Facebook and in visiting our Blog Friends. I'll be catching up, as I can, in the next few days. I can't wait to get there, and I appreciate your patience with me!

I thank Every Single One of Yeu for making My Birthday such a Special Celebration!!! Your Support means the world to me. Your prayers and well wishes sustain us...

Go Team Bleu!!!


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I hope your The Mom realizes how pawesomely patient woo were fur that khake photoshoot!!!

Happy Bleuday once again!!!!!!!!!!!

PeeEssWoo: Khousin Merdie says she's sorry to have left Harlreuf in Texas...just sayin'!

Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

We are sorry you were feeling poorly, Mr. Bleu. Glad you are feeling better, and so glad you got such good cake and presents. Sweet boys like you deserve the best.

Love, the Daisy and the Tucker.

Anonymous said...

this is just too much preciousness in one post. love to you all! mel, stan, cammie, brie, russell.

houndstooth said...

No sweet boy deserved a better birthday than you, Bleu! I am so glad that you were spoiled and pampered the way you deserve, and I hope your tummy troubles are all behind you.


Shane Kent Louis said...

Happy Birthday Bleu, we wish you all the best and have a great day!

It's all About Pet Fences | Dog Fence

Scout 'n Freyja said...

♥Sending you many kisses for many more birthdays♥

Sam said...

We are glad you had a pawesome Birthday! You are a special boy, the Bleu, and deserved every minute of it!


Sheila and Bob said...

Bleu, What a Pawty !!!! you know how to have a good time. We are so very glad that you are feeling better and that The Mom along with Aunt Karen's help got you some of your tasty food.
We have already circled the calender as we plan to be at you Birthday Celebration next year and the next and the next.......Oh you know just forever.
We love all you guys so much, what makes you happy makes us happy, you have got one GREAT FAMILY & FRIENDS !!!!!!

Hamish , Sophie & Foster Tucker and thei Mom & Dad
Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob.

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Happy belated birthday Bleu!!!!!
I came over to meet you happy boy!!!
I just got my new girl 5 days ago. I came over b/c of Heidi!!
Zoie and her Mom Fern

1000 Goldens said...

Sorry we are late Mr. Bleu - we are so happy that you had a wonderful birthday. You are extremely handsome in your hat :) Lots of love to you!!

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Despite feeling a bit puckish, it seems like your special weekend was choke full of wonder and joy and friendship and you so deserve! Rebuild your strength now and make the transition to your new is good.

The Thundering Herd said...

The hu-dad feels quite bad because he has been working and working and working and is so far behind on his blogs that he just now is reading all about your great birthday. WE knew, but he has to help us post comments.

By the way, is your food requirement that it has no grain? We eat Taste of the Wild and that is stocked at Tractor Supply Stores which are in lots of places. Just an idea.