Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Teusday Telling and A Birthday Party Invitation!!!

I started off my day my favorite way with the tasty breakfast foods! And then just a short shower later, the Mom pulled the trolley out and around. Oh and when she did deboard, I began to bark and bark in my deep sweet voice...


My call was heeded, and I boarded the trolley quickly and without the slightest consideration of our destination! And it was with little surprise and a minor amount of disappointment, that we arrived at Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists where in spite of my fears, I am always greeted and comforted by My The Sweet Judy who takes care of me!

Today I was there for a CBC test and results. And My Sweet Judy also trimmed my nails, [thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!] saving me a stop by Fairbanks for a pedicure! I was able to wait for my results while laying on my sweet green rug in the waiting room with my the Mom... and while talking to My Friend The David who is also The Hospital Administrator!

And I guess now is a good time to tell you that SLVS recently asked if they could share my thoughts and feelings about the quality of my experience and care in local print media... And here I am!!!
The Bleu has hit the newsstand for November,
and here is my spread [ha!]!

It's a little known fact, but my the Mom was the architect for Dirty Hairy Dog Wash, top left... but I SO digress!!! And now back to the waiting room for my results:

~My white blood cell count is low, but it's not low enough to warrant antibiotics.~

This isn't the preferred news, but it's far from the worst, so we'll take it, run with it and board the trolley, thank you very much!

There was joy in my heart as we sang our songs, as I munched on berry treats and as I retraced our turns in reverse: Freeway to Beltway to Freeway to Exit! Life was grand, and then the skies grew dark and the rain began to pour. By the time we got home, lightning was strking the ground a few streets to our north and the thunder was rattling my bones!

It was a very stressful afternoon. I panted. I paced. And upon the Mom's request, I tried to settle.
And that leads me to another stressor for today: Little Reufus is also not feeling well... though he was happy to tend to my ears this afternoon.
As an aside, I'm in what the Mom calls my 'thunder spot'. This is where I retreated when The Luke was sweating full blown storms. And on a lighter note, you will see our plastic bag waste basket hanging on the door knob. Sad, but it's the only way to keep Reuf from eating the contents of our beautiful hand crafted woven twig waste basket.
Before I knew it, Reuf who idolizes me... had taken up my spot for some comfort time. Poor boy...
Though I never settled completely, the weather did calm a bit... giving the Mom opportunity to do some Birthday Baking!
You see, I have a BIG BIRTHDAY coming up!!!
11 / 11 / 11
Yep... This Friday!!!

And I was wondering if I you would like to party along with me...
If I may include you in my post???
If so...
Please send me a festive photo with Yeu in Party Mode, Party Hat...Yeu know... Celebrating my Big Day!I'd love to have you appear here with me!Email photos to outtathebleu-at-gmail-dot-com 

Love, Relationships and Time are My Biggest Treasures!!!
And Treats, too!!!

[These treats are just Part One of the Mom's Birthday Baking Extravaganza!
It's a pumpkin, peanut butter and cinnamon recipe.

And if anyone is interested... Ask! We'll post it!]

And here is Little Reufus, who has had some pretty bad tummy problems today. Poor boy. He doesn't feel well at all, hence his laying down in the middle of the day on my woobie green rug.
He's smelled the fresh baked treats, but really hasn't begged much for them... and that makes the Mom worry! Poor Sweet Boy...
Tuesday is Training Class night, but Reuf and the Mom stayed home. Reuf ate a bland dinner and was given one of my diahrrea pills. He's a bit lethargic [he is never reclined at 615 pm!] Mostly, the Mom can't imagine 'treating' him in class tonight. And though this class begins to wean from the treats, they are still necessary for many of the new commands.
He and the Mom will contact their instructors. And they'll work on their Week 5 Homework. Next week is the last in this class, but we're not sure if there's a graduation ceremony! I mean, this class has been more technical and less... dramatic.
I guess you can tell from these photos... as well as those from the last few days... Reuf and I are getting along MUCH better. Little boy is mellowing. He's always been loving, but he's just been too freaking boisterous to be loved on by me too terribly much!

We still have our moments of anxiety with him, but knock on Reuf's head... Life is much easier, much calmer, much quieter. It's almost peaceful...


Sheila and Bob said...

Well Bleu as you said not the best report from the vet, but not the worst and as you so eloquently said "You will run with it". Sorry about the Reufus tummy upset but we are sure he will be find. And yes we most definitely want to be in on your party. We will take a picture and try and get Mom ^ Dad in it but we can't promise.
Have a Good night Love to you, The Mom and The Reufus.

Hamish ,Sophie & Foster Tucker

Kari in Vegas said...

You are FAMOUS!

Stop on by for a visit

houndstooth said...

Of course you're famous! That's a great endorsement!

I'm sorry it wasn't the best news, but happy that it wasn't the worst!

It just so happens I'm having a party of my own! I'll do my best to pose for a good picture for you!


Wrigley said...

I love it when a fellow blogger becomes famous. Just remember the "little people (dogs)" when you head off to Hollywood!

I hope everyone is feeling better and the rain and thunder has subsided.

Wags N Kisses,

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Nice modeling/spokesdog gig! You look great. And yes, let's just "run with it!" In the meanwhile keep loving and living and fighting...and turning Reufus into a kinder, gentler mandog.

Kristina said...

look at you ... oh my dog i have a famous furiend =0] and what a handsome fellah you look in that spreed ... give to the reuf healing gentle tummy rubs for me ok?

Scout 'n Freyja said...

WOWZA, you are in a publication! How cool is that! Will the Bleu be giving out PAWtographed copies?

So sorry to hear about the Reufus' tummy problems. That happens to Freyja every now and then and momma can't figure out why. Guess some of us are more 'delicate' than the others☺.

Well, hmmm, we are gonna have to get busy if we are gonna put on our party hats fur you!

Sam said...

Sam and Monty will be there!


Piappies World said...

Hello Bleu!

So pawesome to see you in the limelight! Paws up from the Piappies!

We do hope that Reufus tummy gets better soon in time for the bday pawty! We are happy to part of your pawty, of course. Since the pack have grown, we have not been able to play dress up (whew) so pardon us if the photo we send would not be so recent. We will draw paws as to whose snap shot will be sent. We are excited and we send you extra prayers with warm barkday greetings! Woof!

Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & Forgie

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Poor Reufus - we hope he feels better soon and we hope you are doing ok too, Bleu.

we would love to come to your party - phantom has his 13th b-day this month too. but with mom's broken condition, not sure we can get a party photo for you.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning