Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Night Wrights: Golden Friday Edition

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Happy Golden Friday!!!
It's Antler Night here at the Wrights', but I'd like to take a break to tell you a little bit about Our Thanksgiving Day.

It was nice and quiet and frankly... mostly pretty lazy. We snuggled and cuddled in the big bed in the morning, watched the Thanksgiving Parade [Houston version], ate a nice family lunch, shuffled around [even outside] in our jammies and slippers... and took a nice long family nap in the afternoon!!!

At around 4pm, Reuf and I were served an early dinner.
For me: Wysong, White Rice, Green Beans and A Scoop of Pumpkin
For Reufus: Innova, Green Beans and A Scoop of Pumpkin
Reufus is thankful for foods!
He LOVES to eat!!!
And he also loves to GO OUTSIDE!

Of course, Reufus doesn't know how to tell time yet, so he had no clue, but... I knew we were about to board the trolley! And we did!!!
Yep. No Thanksgiving Day is complete without wearing my Aggie bandanna! Because of the Mom's prior career (as a student, gathering degrees but not so much $), we have allegiance to both The University of Texas and Texas A&M. We pull for them both, but when they play each other...
Gig Em, Ags! 
Now back to the trolley...
Here's my view to the front
The View from Reuf's seat...
And here's a view from the driver's seat!
Where O Where did we go???
Casa De Whitson!!!
Thanksgiving with Family...
My Cousins... The Herd from Whence I came!!!
This is me, the adorable Cousin Dakota (who has always looked SO much like Our The Luke) and My Awesome Uncle Tom!!! You may recognize him as Mister T, of Day Spa fame! He's our rock, and the rock of many! That's just who he is!
My the mom photographer was a bit on the fritz. It was late in the afternoon, just a little too early for the flash and too late not to use it. All of the photos turned out blurry... I apologize!
Here is me scooting across the deck!
My Cousin The Buddy!!!
Cousin Dylan!!!
The Me... And Cousin Cane sitting to the right!
Little Reufus rarely slowed his speed below 50mph, so he's mostly a blurrrrrrrrr!
Golden Fun! Clockwise: Uncle Tom, The Me, Cousin Dakota, Cousin Cane (back turned), Cousin Dylan (back turned, tail high) and Little Reufus!
It was SO wonderful to spend time and share the loving with My Aunt Madison! I will never forget that when I was surrendered to GRRH, she slept on the floor of the bathroom with me several nights, until I finally stopped trembling. Just when love failed me, she showered me with hers. My eyes light up when I see My Aunt Madison... and I wish the photographer could capture that excitement!

Cousin Becca, Master Chef.... with Uncle Tom assisting... and Aunt Madison taste testing... prepared an exquisite meal!!! There was tasty turkey, dressing, stuffing, fresh mashed sweet potatos, Becca's famous spinach casserole (the Mom's request and favorite!), fresh cranberry sauce... and the lazy mom's restaurant bought pies (pumpkin and chocolate which weren't so good).

It was a wonderful evening. All was quiet in the trolley on the way home, because we were full and happy and tired!!! And though the Mom and I got up at 345am to do small businesses, we returned to bed and WE ALL slept in until 8am!!!
The Mom did a little Black Friday stuff today... nothing too dramatic, and mostly she just spent time with My The Aunt Dav and her the Mom.

Meanwhile, Reuf and I had a restful Golden Friday... taking a short nap and resting up for tonight! We also slipped outside for some traditional FrEYEday photos!

These are late afternoon photos, and our weather is in transition. A cold front is due in around 6am in the morning. We're due for thunderstorms and then some weather to follow that's supposed to feel like late fall / winter!!!

And from Me and Mine: Bring On the Cooler Temperatures!!!
Earlier I mentioned Reufus and his green beans. The Mom put him on a little of a diet. He protested on grounds of not liking vegetables... but every time he's outside, he chows down on the mixed (unknown, unidentifiable and perhaps dangerous) veggies.
Once all of that was pointed out to him, Reuf began to acquire an appreciation for the green beans. He's still a bit CHUB, but his waistline is narrowing a bit. Just saying.
My issue is the opposite!
The Mom is trying to put the poundage on me!!!
I hate the reason for it!
But I love the challenge of adding on weight!!!
Hello, Fattening Foods!

If you're not dairy or so rich you'll make me sick...
Antlers, I'm sure, have very few calories..
but still... I crave them!!!

Here I am begging for one.
 I know where they are!
I know you know I know where they are!!!
Please to just dole them out!
I admit it. I'm an Antler Addict.
I'm pacified slightly by a whole antler,
but I dream of having another split one!!!
Life is so wonderful for me right now, that I hate to be gluttonous...
but I drool over the thought of another split antler!!!
Little Reuf is an avid chewer, so the whole ones are perfect for him. It IS a little difficult to keep him from stealing a split antler from me. Given the choice, he will always pick MINE!
Life is Great! And this has been a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. I've been making a list of things I'm grateful for... and while it's too long to post today, I want to share it soon! For now, I must tell you...
I'm thankful for Yeu, My Friends. Thank Yeu for allowing me to share my life here in this blog. Thank Yeu for your Support... your care, concern and comments!!!

Thank Yeu for bolstering The Love Protocol! Thank Yeu for being a part of Team Bleu!!!


Scout 'n Freyja said...

The Bleu, we am thankful for yeu. Our life is richer and more full and has more rays of sunshine now that yeu are our friend.

The Thundering Herd said...

Hi. I am The Bleu. And I am an Antler Addict. - Just helping you with your opening speech at Antler's Anonymous. Just saying.

houndstooth said...

We're thankful for you, The Bleu! You and yours always make us smile and feel assured that there is love in the world. Enjoy putting on those pounds, too! You've earned that enjoyment.


Boondocks Love Shack Pack said...

A golden Thanksgiving - just doesn't get any better!!

Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

Sheila and Bob said...

Bleu, It sounds like your Thanksgiving was wonderful with family & friends, both furry and human.
We are so very Thankful that you are feeling better and we know you are also.

Hamish, Sophie & Foster Tucker

Stella said...

Bleu, you might want to come to Minniesnowda where I live because we have millions of deers with antlers and maybe one or two would just cooperate with you and let you chew on the hoof. You are such a nice guy, I can't imagine they would say no!

Cheers and hugs,

Stella, Mom and Zkhat

Sam said...

We are glad you had a great holiday. Monty always lights up when he sees Candy, the women who rescued him!


Kari in Vegas said...

Happy Late THanksgiving

Stop on by for a visit

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

We are grateful for your friendship and so very Thankful that the Universe has made this Day of Giving Thanks such a joyous celebration! Be well.

bichonpawz said...

Stopping by to say hello!! Xoxo Chloe and LadyBug