Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Sharing: The Reufus Ramblings

I offered Little Reufus a chance to guest host my blog this evening, and I was stunned by his response! I mean, there was excited spinning, shuffling of papers, poses, toys and other things fetched and brought... but no words of communication, at all!

I shouldn't have been so surprised. The Reuf is mostly too busy for words so far in his young life, but that's ok, I'll help him with the narrative!

And so in the great tradition of  Bleulander and Lulander... I present you with Reulander!
Little Big Boy loves his sticks, and like me... he loves the little ones, too!
I love the innocent, curious, sweet look on his face... as he relishes his treasure!
And this is his urgent request for a clue..."say what?"... "what we doing?"..."where are we going???"...
And there's the pensive look, as Reuf processes information.
I really do think he wants to please. You can see that he looks for approval. We are doing our best to challenge him regularly and often, but I know we're not keeping up with his need.
Now, I've got to apologize to The Reuf for violating The Golden Oath of Brotherhood... but I'm posting this 'tinkling' photo. I know, I know. I should be ashamed. And I am... but in the name of really cute tail feathers and pantaloons, I just had to do it! [The Mom shadow is just a bonus!]
The Reufus has EXCELLENT name recognition and response.

Ever wonder what would happen if you had the camera ready and you called, "Reufus Come" from about 25' away???

I didn't think so, but we conducted the experiment anyway. And here is the result: 
Not the fastest shutter speed or the quickest the Mom, but my point is... Reufus is F A S T ! ! !

In fact, the Mom was attempting to make a repair in the backyard... Reuf swept in quickly and took off with the duct tape!
He ripped...
He romped!!!
He settled in for a good chew!!!
And once taken away, Reufus settled for the next best thing...
Plant Matter.
 And that reminds me to tell you...

Twice this past week, Our Little Reufus has quietly maneuvered his way to the mass food storage area... where he feasted, uninterupted... for some time. Out of respect, I've not detailed his gastric upset... but I'll say, I'm grateful to see him grazing on the landscaping again...

From a brother's perspective... the Reuf is a cute cute boy. He's got the coolest, most expressive eyebrows ever... and it won't be long before his clumsy puppy proportions evolve into a very handsome boy!
Until then, I worry just a bit...
Do you think his nose is too large for his little head???
 On behalf of The Reufus, I'm signing out...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Free Fur All Friday - A Current as Well as Catch Up Edition

Sit back. Relax in your chair. Take a sip of your drink, a deep breath, and join me in retrospect...  as I savor my Thursday evening!
I had the house to myself, and I basked in the peaceful silence. There was no panting. No squeaking of toy. No thumping of tail. No commands. No "nos". No stepping or hopping over me. I mean...

I ate shortbread cookies in bed.And I penned poetry.

At my side, you'll see the Thesaurus. I've found that one can never recall enough succinct adjectives for wrong, shameful and unfair [some of my favorites: unethical, improper, shameful, unreasonable, grievous and mean].

From time to time, I also browse my Rhyming Dictionary. True poets such as myself would never lean on this tool, but sometime your noggin just can't come up with a rhyme for a critically descriptive phrase, like... "gas bowl". Hypothetically speaking... you understand.

And in my relaxed, pensive and utterly private state, I was also able to revel in The Real Housewives of New York City.

Please don't tell my the Mom. My indulgence in such debauchery, while allowed... is also discouraged. When I can, though... I bask in the RHW schedule. I find them all such a relaxing diversion from the emotionally charged dramas of  (1) Life with a Fabulous Puppy and (2) GRV-H [Golden Rescue Volunteer Houston].

Just saying.
Why did I have the house to myself, you ask?

Well, Thursday is the evening of  injustice. Figuratively, this is the time that the "gas bowl" goes on a huge adventure with my the Mom. And in real life, Reufus and the Mom go to Training at Dogwood on Thursday evening...

The Mom says she needs one other hand in training, and if she had a fourth... she could also take photos!

To satisfy her need to document the moments and also to attempt to avoid the poop call of Lesson One, the Mom walked the Reuf up and down the lush green lawn.
He sniffed. And he sniffed. He knew he had been there before. He grew a bit anxious, and he tried to piece it all back together.
He then looked to the Mom. "Where are we? What are we doing? Let's get this party started!"
Yeah Yeah Yeah... Whatever. I'm bored. So, more on the actual training session later.

Flash forward and join me here... today! Reuf is a little smelly today. And I feel a little sorry for him.
Yeah. I know he's 11 months old, but he's only been with us a little over two months... and since he was rescued as a stray, who knows what he was taught... or the extent love was shown to him.
He and I went out twice last night after his return. Reuf also drained the water bowl twice. He was a bit anxious at bedtime... not like any other night, but...

The Reuf had a number one accident sometime during the night. It was all cleaned up and disinfected before 530, and he was given a "spit bath". And once the Mom got home, the inequity continued... as Reufus got a big time full bath... and I did not!
He loved it... was proud of it. And he rocked it!
Good for The Reufus!
The Mom got excited...
As his feathers seemed to... FEATHER!
Check out the FLOOF!
The more the Mom paid attention to his south end, the more the Reuf tried to diminish... And I respect him for that!
I mean, come on... I get the whole 'hope his fur grows out pretty and nice' thing...

I also get that he had an accident in his kennel, and he has to have a bath...
But, really and truly... we need to document every feather??? Sigh... I guess so!
That said, we are rocking the fact that Reufus is relaxed... and tired!
The trainer says... "A tired boy is good boy." And "boy" is she right!!!
Tired and relaxed boy is also a great inspiration for tomorrow's training and activity cruise director! Just saying.

And frankly, I'm just happy clean, lavender smelling, sweet, slightly trained boy... has now gone to his bed!
Oh Oh... A word about the trolley.

It was on the brink of unfixability, but due to low mileage and overall condition... it is in the process of being restored. I'm told that the only reservations regarding repair were financial.
We are relieved, because the Mom is a huge fan of not having a trolley note. We are all relieved to know that we will have our trolley back in good time!!!
And now... Here is The Luke. One year ago today.
June 24, 2010
So much love in our hearts...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Reufus Training Week One

When the very good, well behaved boy who is repleat with the cuteness and also incredibly easy to love is left behind, at home...  

And the wild child, the source of anxiety and unrest and boundless, yea unrestrained, energy... gets to board the trolley and depart for a Fun Evening of Adventure [aka Training Class], there is something SO not fair with the world!!!

I was upset at first, but I settled quickly and smoothly into my dream evening... Close your eyes, and join me.


Natural light at dusk.
Candles lit and gently flickering... lining the tub edge.
Warm water and Bubbles.
A glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

In a pink ruffled shower cap...
so my ears aren't wet when the Mom gets home!

Last week was a crazy week. And on Thursday, the Mom... after many weeks of optimism and excitement... was feeling overwhelmingly tired and physically ill (from the trolley accident). The Reuf... was just feeling CRAZY!
Upon arrival and check-in... at which time the Reuf jumped up on each of the trainers... he and the Mom were directed to a position in the far corner of the arena. It may be coincidence, but the Mom noticed that the most unruly dogs were sent there so that they could receive additional training...

And that would have been wonderful had the Reufus not decided that the GPS coordinates of the corner of the arena were the perfect place to take his 17th POOP of the day.


The very tired and quickly very embarassed Mom whisked the bad boy to the outside...
where the poop was sloopy and hard to scoop.

Is Bad Boy nervous???

The Mom tells me that he did amazingly well on most tasks...

Self Control. Wait patiently and take a treat gently. At the same time, teach words for "Release"!  The Reuf is a gentleman!

Name Recognition. Oh yeah... he knows his name and responds well and quickly!
Get it. A treat is thrown, command given...

Reuf retrieves... and the command "Reuf, come" is given quickly...
He's rewarded for coming right back.
The Reuf rocked all parts of this exercise. : = O

Sit. Come. Collar Conditioning.These training moments are all easily received, because Feisty Boy already has the hang of these actions.

Walk On a Loose Leash.Four sides of the arena included: (1) people sitting in chairs, (2) puppy class behind see-thru fence, (3) continuous mirrors, (4) dog kennels and an independent dog exercising...

Not that the Reuf would perform well under normal conditions... but he REALLY didn't do well under these. Sigh.

The "OFF" and "SETTLE" commands were also taught. And the Mom took extra note... because she knew the trainers were speaking directly to her... and the Reuf.

We all continue to work on the exercises. Consistency is the key, and we know it... but I'm growing a little tired of some of the nomenclature. Just saying. That said, the treats make it SO very much worth MY while!

Oh... and in case you are worried that the Reufus' spirit might be broken and/or damaged by such rigorous training, I offer you this visual...
FYI... The Reuf revels in an infinite capacity to be comfy,
 and to bask in his independence!