Friday, December 4, 2009

A White Day!

Ok... it was a semi-white day! And unlike someone else who lives in this house... I didn't mind dilly-dallying in the yard as the snow was falling!

I'm not real sure what this is... but it tastes like water when you lick it! ... And you know how I love water!

Mom asked me to sit for a photo... And look! I've got a snow flake on my nose!

Next I laid down to make snow angels! ... Or maybe pecan angels... I forget which!

Later in the afternoon after it stopped snowing, brave boy Luke joined me in the yard to sniff around and do some businesses.
Our yard is mostly shaded by 60 year old very tall trees, so our only accumulation was spotty.

It was pretty exciting when it was falling, because we were all hoping it would keep coming down... but alas, it did not. It was a nice afternoon, though... and I can't wait until next time!
Please to let us have snow again???!

How much did we get? Well, I don't know how to measure snow... but there was about an inch on the fence. (I know it's not much... but please don't say anything to Mom. She's delusional about our big snow day!)!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Surprise For Me???!!!

First, let me say that when I hopped into the CRV yesterday... I didn't have A SINGLE inkling that this wonderful weekend getaway was in store! But now there's a party???!!!
Can someone please keep an eye on my brother? I mean, I love him... but he's looking hungry... and a little intense!

Chin rubs from my Aunt Madison... I love better than presents or cookies... but this evening includes them all! And there is singing... and Uncle Tom has a video camera...
And honestly, I am a little stunned... "All of this for me???!" I mean, I know I complained just a little about how Luke got a big party... and I "celebrated" at home with just my Mom and brother (how embarassing!)... but not in my wildest dreams did I think I would be treated to a weekend in Wimberley with the Herd... much less have any other sort of celebration!
Why... this is proberbial cherry on top of double strawberry shake wif the real whip cream... so good you fink you might just be dreamin!
Part of my awesome surprise is a wonderful gift from Aunt Karen, Uncle Craig and Cousins Rizzi and Zeke! I more than ANY thing wish they were here with me... but in their place they sent a rumblin bleu pig, a extremely cute long legged bird and tasty TASTY treats!!!
[In my sweet package there is a jigsaw puzzle... which is foreshadowin of my next big vacation! This puzzle is "one hundred dogs and a cat"... and I can't wait!]
And from The Herd, I received a cute card, a big stuffed squeaky bone... some healthy ener-g stuff what my the Mom loves (so she can keep up with me)... and attention galore!
Cousin Porter love her gift to me so much... she sneak back in my bedroom to steal it back!!!
And I do not protest, because... bless her heart... Porter has been THE object of my affection this entire weekend!!!
To her credit, I have overtly tried and tested the Porter... and she has been congenial to most every thing that included my shnoz, but she did the draw the line this afternoon with an ear inspection!
Peace is having lots of Goldens around, all toys out of reach, cool evening airs, sweet sounds echoing through the trees....

Here With My Herd!

Yes, I am! And I'm happy Happy HAPPY!!!

This is just about the best surprise EVER!!!

I LOVE my Aunt Madison, Uncle Tom... who were Mom and Dad to me for nine months... and then there's The Herd, who were my brothers and sisters!!!

I was really depressed about my birthday celebration... but Mom and Luke have really come through for me! This is just one aunt and two cousins short of a perfect weekend!!!

YAY!!! We're here!!!

Happy Birthday to me... here in the Hill Country!!!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Boy!

Today is my seventh birthday, and I awoke to a great deal of singing and carrying on... and even though I prefer a much lower key (and also later) start to my day... I played along, out of good sport!

Then this afternoon once the family had gathered together again, I was surprised with some special toys and treats... all BLEU, of course! Why, there was a big bleu monkey, a bleu yeu (sheep, of course) and a little pink funny thing with a bleu nose and other extremities. And most importantly... there were BLEU BERRY TREATS!!! But, wait...

Uhhh... can someone tell me why my brother is so happy??? Does he not know it's THE BLEU BIRTHDAY... not THE LUKE???!

I mean, seriously, ya'all... He's a little too happy. And it's making me nervous!
Oh oh oh... and while I wait for Mom to get the flash right... Luke is going in for my birthday presents!
Please, Mother... I implore you... make him stop!
Whshhhhhew. And she did. And I have been given the option of any toy I want! I chose the bleu monkey, and am working on a clever name for him!
Of course, unlike some brothers we know, I oblige Mom and pose for all the photos she wants to take!
There's a smile on my face, but I'm thinking... "Hey, wait a minute! The Luke got a big huge swim party at Pet Paradise on his birthday, and all of his friends came... and here I sit in my own stinking family room! This is not fair!"
What else can I do, but... Kill the monkey!
Kill him dead... one gentle and tender squeak at a time...!
Hey, wait another minute!!! What is the Luke doing over there with his back turned to me!!! Sigh. Well, I guess it's ok. At least I know he won't wear the squeaker out (since he's a sucker not a squeaker)!

[Note from the Mom: The Luke and I have a VERY special and fun adventure planned for the Bleu this weekend! He's going to be SO surprised!!! Stay tuned!]

Friday, August 28, 2009


I am joyous about the food preparations and servings... but I have an irrational fear about tile floors!

I will eat on the edge of them, but not fully on top of them.

Mom, who welcomes and encourages me ANY and EVERYwhere... thinks I am persnickety, about the tile floors.

And really... I have been encouraged to walk on them, spoken to lovingly and cuddled on them. I sometimes sneak onto them, but feel "caught" when Mom finds me there.

I have been here 8 months, and in that time... she has never scolded me.

That is not to say that she has not been forceful in two commands... "come" and "drop it", but that's because my two favorite games are "hard of hearing" and "chase me"!

Yes. I am ornery.

I'm gradually growing in comfort, though, because in the last month... I've pranced confidently (and absent mindedly) into the bathroom to get loving from the Mom!

You have no idea how BIG that step is for Big Boy Bleu (aka Bleu Bear)!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Boy

On a small rug...

And to quote the Luke... "Just sayin."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Safer Choice in Sleeping Companions...

Given the precarious situation I found myself absent mindedly snuggled up in the other night, I am not heretofore more careful.

And this night, I choose pink bunny, which is actually a bear in a bunny suit, and one of three (bears in pink, green and purple bunny suits) that that were delivered to Luke and me by the
Easter Bunny!

Luke and I share our toys really well. And there has never been a spat, not even one.

And that is because of three things.

The first one is that there were no toys available to us in the first six days of our slumber party.

And then on Night 6 (New Year's Eve), Mom brought home my trousseau!

Luke and I had already made a brotherly connection, and even though I knew the basket was mine... I allowed Luke first pick. It was the least I could do for him, since he opened up his home and him Mom to me. Right?

And actually, I very rarely play with the toys in my hope basket, but prefer those I have been given in this new life. My first life was wonderful, really it was... but here, I am Co-King, with no chance for de-throning. There is singing and there is happiness and I have more nick names than ever. Life is really all about me and my brother... THE Luke!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bad Weather

Mom!!! Please make Luke's patooty settle down!!!Uhhh... Perhaps I should be more specific.

Some place other than my nose would be preferable.
Ahhhhhh, yeah. Life is good so long as I don't move my tail!:::Don't move it. Don't move it. Don't move it:::!

Friday, August 21, 2009

danger Danger DANGER

The storms have subsided and there is a calm about the home, until... Mom finds me snuggled up with Luke's baby.

Luke loves her, I think, because she was Comet's favorite toy. He found her in his first week or so here.

Mom went to great lengths to put away ALL of Comet's toys, so she thinks it is fate that Sweety Girl's favorite "reindeer with the candies for the feets" was left somewhere special... for Luke to find.

I like her too, because she has many good scents...

But nearing bed time, Mom panicked when she discovered our snuggle fest.

And when "last call" was abruptly announced by Mom, I was brought to my senses! I sure don't want to be caught in repose with Luke's baby!

I hopped up to go outside, and you can bet when I come back in, I'll pick another baby to snuggle. No problem!

Bad Weather and a Beautiful Idea

It is storming and not just that, but it is STORMING!

Luke has gone brazerk. He jumped over my head about a million times. And Mom has stepped over me almost as many.

She finally made me get in the bed so my big self was not sprawled out across the tiny floor.

I resisted the thought at first, but now see the beauty of the idea!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good Weather

Good weather for snoofin the ground...

Good weather for snoofin the airs...

Good weather to be watching Luke out of the bunker!
Good weather for Mom to be watching me!...

O, hi!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm a G Boy!

G stands for:

Gentle and Gentile... A Real Gentleman!
Go Along to Get Along!
Gleeful Grub Hound and also a Grazer!
Gee, I'm Cute!
Good humored (and also kinda Goofy), Good Looking and also Good Natured!
And... Golden!


You were thinking Greyhound???

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Morning Bloom and A Game...

We woke up to a beautiful night sirius bloom!

And now here's the game...

Can you find the Bleu???

OK, what if I turn my head???

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The "H" Word

fIf you were to look in the dictionary under "loving", you are very likely to see my picture.

I love most every single thing in life. Really, I do ( with exception of trolley ride, doctor's office and equipment noises).

But one thing that disturbs me is when my brother Luke is in NBD (nervous break down) mode.

I have no problem staying perfectly still, and letting him step and/or hop over me. Does it get old? Yes, it does.

But I prefer that to the alternative of masking or drowning the thunder with the dishwasher.

I hate equipment noises! And that's when I need my own great big bunker!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Effy In The Bed

He doesn't belong in Luke's bed, so I relocated him.

And I tended to him, squeak squeak squeak, on my favorite rug next to Luke's (yes, Aunt Karen... Minnie Pearl comes to mind) second birthday bed, in which, almost without exception... I allow him to sleep!

Squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak...

Huh??? Problem???