Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve!!!

This is a special night for me, because at the stroke of midnight three years ago... The Mom whispered the sweetest word in my ear, as she called me 'son'! Of course, my reaction was pretty chill...!
Gosh, I really lost myself reminiscing. Those days just
before and after my official adoption were SO fun, as the Luke and I really forged our Wright Brotherhood.

Those were great times!
And these are great, too!
Time is precious, and the Present is a Gift!

Now to Celebrate,
let's break out the antlers!!!

The Reuf chimes in, too. He says... 'Either let's go outside and rip and romp, rile up the neighbors and eat things we shouldn't... or GIMME MY ANTLER... or... ELSE!'
I'm not sure what Reufus means by 'else', but it probably means he'll just plop his BIG butt in the Mom's lap. He's BIG on proximity, and if you can slide a gnat's hair between him and the Mom... he's likely to dig his heels in and drive himself in further. Just saying.

Now... Antler, please!
Ahhhhh... Yessss!
And the only way I can enjoy mine...
is to occupy Reuf with his!
ngaw ngaw ngaw
Today has been a wonderful day, spent with my the Mom, and yes... Reufus.

Many of you know that I slipped out of remission last Friday, December 23rd. That was a pretty tough way to kick off our holidays, but it made us even more determined to enjoy our special days!!! Photos to come soon!!!

I'm committed to fighting the evil disease, but my Arsenal is growing light. The Mom is Commander-in-Chief of The Bleu Army, and each of our moves is carefully weighed and measured, and given great consideration. 
I started a new protocol on Thursday. I'll go in for a checkup and bloodwork next and the following Thursdays. My continuation of this protocol will depend on stability, regression or remission (please!!!) of the horrific disease... and that will be evaluated in three weeks.

Every day is a Treasure!!!
I'm blessed with Today... and Tomorrow!!!

I sure hate to lean on Yeu,
but times and circumstances are at the critical point...
Please to help me?
Please to join Team Bleu!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Merry Merry ! ! !

When I think of Me, I think...
Merry Merry Merry ! ! !
It's been a busy week and a half or so for the Mom, and because I've spent my time guiding her and looking over her shoulder, tap dancing to redirect her attention, and sighing to signal that a shift in priorities is in order...

I've not had time to blog, nor (aside from FB) an opportunity to share my wonderful news... As of my last treatment day, Tuesday, 121311... I'm still in REMISSION!!!

I may be scared of the tree...
but I will rock the antlers!

And for the Kissers among you...
Freckle marks the spot!!!

And now... The Elf Hat!
Maintaining my dignity.
It's all about Confidence.

Being So Awesomely CUTE helps a LOT!
Back up for a full shot...

I'm an Adorable Elf!!!

And in Other Merry News...
The Stockings have been hung...
in the Family Room
with Care!

This is a real test for Someone.
Reuf was SUPER interested in the stockings at first. And what's CRAZY is...
He's obsessed with his... and has paid little attention to the others!!!

And now is the time I have to admit...
Reuf's innocence... the joy of his discovery...
Makes us ALL happy!

Of course, I'm also happy when Little Reufus goes to "his room" every night.
Wheu wouldn't love...

I've already received the BEST gift I could ever want, and the rest of this wonderful Holiday is the bow on top!!!

Thank Yeu...
Each and Everyone of Yeu..
wheu has offered up prayers and sent well wishes!

Team Bleu Rocks!!!

Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!

Dreaming of a Wright Christmas...

While this is technically Reuf's Second Christmas, it is his
First Wright Christmas!

It's taken a bit of time and a pound of patience, but Our Little Reufus is embracing The Traditions and Manners that surround The Christmas Season in our home.

Happy, Smiling Reufus!
Usable... Take 17
Merry Christmas!!!
Because it's funner this way, we present to you reverse chronological order...
Reuf's First Christmas Photo Shoot!

Wearing Down...
Reuf is finding his inner joy and
Giving it all he's got...
Wondering if the photo shoot will ever be over...

Pouty, but compliant.

Somber and
Just. A little. Miffed.

Yes, Ma'am.
Everything I learned in Training... is all coming back to me!
Bucking Big Authority...
One. Last. Time.
Training Collar... Check!
Leash... Check!

The Mom makes one last attempt to direct attention,
achieve order, request respect and

A quick catfish moment...
well, it appears happy!

Treats aside...
Christmas is.. Torture.
Merry... No, wait... Torture!
The Mom thought Reufus would cooperate for a few treats.


Photographer... The Mom
[Get a] Grip... The Mom
Director... The Bleu

I hope you all enjoyed Reuf's photo shoot. That boy has one ROBUST personality... that's for sure! I enjoyed my time behind the camera, but stay tuned... In my next post, I'll show Reufus how to rock the Christmas Headware!

My Christmas Wishes have been fulfilled.
I wish you the same!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

One - Two - Three

This is The Me!


Thus concludes today's trio of cuteness!