Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Bleu Scale: Life's Stuff Comes In All Sizes

As most of you know, I'm a quiet, unassuming, sweet boy who is high strung on the inside about maintaining my laid back lifestyle.

I learned a lot about Life from my brother, The Luke... some funny stuff, some ever-so-slightly wicked stuff... and a whole bunch about Treasures, because Treasures were his thing!

Like The Luke, I love Life! And when you love it, you must also embrace its Stuff. And lately, I've been given cause to reflect on such matters, and just for fun... I've begun assigning Sizes to The Stuff. There are no calipers, no scale, no higher math... just what I scientifically refer to as The Bleu Scale.


Many of you know that I went to see my The Doctor Mark a few weeks ago, with some very minor swelling in the lymph nodes in my neck. The Mom might also have told you that tests revealed a diagnosis of lymphosarcoma.

I'm not sure what that is, but for me... it sounds like a challenging DWTB [Dancing With The Bleu] dance move. I can meet this challenge... for it is no match for The Bleu! The Mom is far more worried and concerned and far more calculating in her approach, but then... that is what makes her the Mom.

More later on such Stuff, with help from her. Old gal and I are like a loving the mom with her sweet boy and though I view Life as a Dancer...

I sometimes think my the mom views us as a trainer and a prize fighter! It's all very complicated, and I am just happy she is on My Team!!! I pity the poor enemy, that despised and evil c!


In spite of all rumors to the contrary... Little Reufus... ::ARE YOU SITTING DOWN???:: ... is set to graduate from 'Beyond Basic' next Thursday night! Picture me, rubbing my eyes and pinching myself... to make sure this is not a dream! Heh heh...

As a review, here is a list of what he has learned:

Obedience/General Training:
  • Self Control / Focus / Pass By. Remain keyed into your person and ignore dogs in your space.
  • Heel. Varying Speeds. Quick Sits. Reverses.
  • Sit / Stay. Lay / Stay. Pretty good in a vacuum. Still hard at distance when distractions are involved. [Reuf grabs the toy on his way to split second recall, every single time]
  • A Frame. Agility Obstacle. Left and Right approach, and the ever so hard... call away.
  • Tunnel. Left and right approach.
  • Bridge. Left and right approach.
  • Hoop Jump.
  • Jumps/Hurdles. Bunny Hop. Left and right approach.
  • Tire Jump. Left and right approach.
  • Ladder walk. Varying Heights.
  • Rocker Bar / Boogie Board / Teeter Totter. Maintain Sit until Release.
  • Unstable Disk... i.e. round platform with ball underneath that renders 360 degrees of instability. Maintain Sit until Release.
  • Spin. Spin in clockwise direction.
  • Twist. Twist in counterclockwise direction.
  • Wave. Ain't happening. He is NOT going to wave.
  • Roll Over. He's getting close to being really good at this.
  • Legs. Figure 8 around the legs. He's not great at it, but he will be... soon.

Saturday morning, Reufus laid down by the Mom... not on top of her, not pushing her, but just beside her. He was quiet and still. He didn't bite, scratch or bruise the Mom. He didn't chew on the furniture. He didn't try to chew or swallow any other thing. He just laid there, alert... but calm. He acted for about three minutes... like a normal boy!

Now... I'm not sure about how Life's Stuff is sized... This might be scaled M or... XXXL! Perspective is EVERYthing. Just saying.


Though I labelled it XXXL then, I give it an S now... Wednesday night was full of thunder, lightning, wind and TWO drops of rain. We lost power at 745pm and it didn't come back on until 115am.

It was hot (though I had a battery operated fan on me). It was dark. And there was nothing to do. The worst part, by far, was being trapped with the manic the Mom. Just saying.

Then, there are the things that seem so XS individually... but are really XXXXL in importance and enjoyment:

Nose Kisses.
Head Rubs.
Ear Skritches.
Berry Treats.
People Food Bits.
Fresh Waters.
Extra Night Outings.
Getting "Tucked In".
Shmuggles and Shpoonings.
Lunch Rendezvous.
Random Times with The Herd.
Overdrive Prayers.
Serious Conversations.
Sweet Nothings.

I love Life. I know I must fight the bad, while basking in The Good. I'm up for the challenge, and I've signed the best and most trusted agent I could ever hope to have represent my interests... my the Mom. More on the fight later, today I bask in The Abundance of Good Stuff!!!

Before I close, however, my the Mom would like to ask for your prayers, positive energy and healing thoughts. The Love Protocol lives on! Please join Team Bleu!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Little This and That, Hodge Podge Things

Welcome back, Friends! And thank you for your willingess to venture into the heat and drought of Houston, Texas to join me as we close out another wonderful weekend!
We've not been too terribly busy this weekend, so I thought I would share a little this and that, you know... just a few hodge podge kinda things.

Outdoor Life. Though I love out-of-doors, I don't spend a great deal of time out there, even under normal conditions... but these days of triple digit temperatures, I am even more efficient with my time out there!
Little Reufus seems to be wired with a different thermostat than the rest of us, so the Mom is forever letting him go outside and calling him right back in! He seems to think there is merit in living outside... Silly, silly boy!!!
Gosh... This heat makes me YAWN!
Have I mentioned that Houston is almost 18" behind our normal rainfall for the year? And the last 12 months have been the dryest in the state's history? Probably not, because drought statistics are so not fun...

Well, very little will actually grow in this heat and drought, but there IS one thing that seems to be starting to grow nicely...

Reufus Fur. Check it out, Little Reufus is starting to grow some Golden fur! It's hard to see in photographs, but his fur is thickening around his neck and through his shoulder blades. His undercarriage, pantaloons and tail are also filling in and growing! 

It's kinda bittersweet, because a boy only has the puppy looks for just a short while.. and the Mom wants to hang onto that memory. Photos don't do Reuf justice. He really, really, really is "a pretty boy". And I'm pretty sure his looks have carried him a long way in this life!

And on the other paw, we are hoping we can get him approved or certified by the AKC under The Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) for pure bred dogs who don't have papers.

If recognized, it will mean that he will be eligible to compete in Obedience, Rally and Agility events... I, personally, don't see this ever happening, but it's his dream, and I don't want to squash it. After all, I still have dreams of having my own dance crew!
For The Love of Luke... and Great News. The Fund has been quite successful, and we are pleased to introduce Rusty Flomar... the first awesome Senior slated to receive treatment via this fund!
Rusty is 7 years old, and he was abandoned at a pet supply store in Beaumont, Texas. This handsome boy definitely has "The Luke" factor!  He is supremely handsome and has confidence galore. He was recently neutered and is heartworm positive, but brace yourself for the greatest news ever!!!

Rusty met his Forever Family yesterday! And I mean, this handsome boy scored. They are as wonderful as he is. And they are ALL at the brink of a beautiful life together. I just know...

Beautiful Life. I treasure each and every new day. I also treasure times past. Sometimes I long for them. And here is Our The Luke, one year ago...

What a brother...
And here we are, working the door together....
Those were the days.

And so are these. Just saying.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Thursday With The Reufus Training and also... Quiet Celebration!

My, how time flies. It's already Thursday again, and this past week has been chock full of extreme triple digit temperatures and also busy-ness.
Of course, you know that I much prefer laid back, quiet kinda Bleusy times with the cool air blowing gently through my furs... so I'm really not so happy that my time has been hi-jacked by incessant training and volunteerism.

Don't get me wrong. Both are important and valid and noble. I just miss indulgent The Bleu Time (and so does my the Mom!)! 

Thursday nights are what they are. Reuf runs off with the Mom. And I make the very most of the evening... from start to finish... self indulgence and guilty pleasures!

I love starting the evening out with a bubble bath and a glass of wine. It's nice to unwind from a week of Reufus. And tonight, with just a hint of abandon... I decided to let my ears dip in the bubble pond!
And meanwhile, a couple of miles from here... My shadow, my thorn, my brother is greeting his trainers and fellow classmates with enthusiasm.

He and the Mom had a difficult week of training. I don't know if you would call it a plateau... or if Reuf is maxed out or maybe even mad at the Mom for some reason, but it wasn't a great week.

As training weeks go, the time investment in this one has been thoughtful but maxed. The Mom holds herself totally responsible for failures, and she thinks this training week has pretty much been one.
I don't know her personally, but I can't say enough good things about Reuf's trainer, Tracie! She seems to understand, love and appreciate the bad boy... and she's able to explain him to the Mom. Tonight, for example... Thoughtful words are exchanged. And the Mom is re-energized. Hope is restored. And frustration, for the time being, has subsided.
Tonight's Beyond Basic Class included:
  1. Walk with loose leash and intermittent sits.
  2. Sit/ Stay with distance.
  3. Settle or Down/Stay with distance.
  4. Spin and Reverse. Our Little Reufus is a pro at this command!!!
  5. Wave.... Ain't happening. Thank you, Tracie, for your counseling!
  6. Roll Over. Great job, Reuf!!! He did great!
  7. A-Frame. Reverse from last week, and from the right side (tonight's class required the dog to work from the right side of the trainer... Obedience always requires work from the left. Agility from both sides.) Reufus was PERFECT on each attempt!
  8. A-Frame / Call Away. This exercise teaches the dog to listen and to be called away from what he expects.
  9. Tunnel. Reufus did well racing through a hard walled barrell.
  10. Over. Reuf learned to jump over low boards/hurdles. And tonight... from the right side.
  11. Jump. Reuf learned to jump through a hoop!
Reufus and the Mom arrived in a state of frustration and anxiety. As class ended, they walked over, gathered the long lead and started their way out of the arena...

When they passed the box top, Reuf hopped on top and sat. The Mom paused for a great while and then released him. He hopped off, wagging his tail!

And now, we are all here. We are all home. The Reufus is settled in his crate. And it's BED TIME for all of us! No need for stress. No need for anxiety. It's truly... all good.

Night Night from Me! Woo Hoo!!!