Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I am dressed! Let the Halloween Festivities begin!!!
Which Witch do you suppose I am???
The Bleu Witch, of course!
Treats only, please!!!
Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

What About Me??? ...Back To The Bleu, Part One

We've had a lot of ups and downs lately, and life has been a little tense at times... but we have celebrated our favorite moments... you know, all those small moments we spend together! [My apology, in advance, for the number of photos!]

092510 Saturday

I like to stand in the middle of the yard, keeping tabs on Mom and trying to figure out what the Luke is doing.
And sometimes I join him in his Mission... like this one. The squirrels have been eating our pecans right here under this tree. There are tons of smells and frankly, lots of leftovers!
Often I wonder why the Mom needs to capture all of these moments with photos!
She's following me.

092610 Sunday

This is not a flattering angle, Mom! I look huge!
I may be broad, but I'm thin!
What. Is. The Mom. Looking. At.

092710 Monday

I'm on a Mission!

092810 Tuesday

Sunshine and Smells.
Lots of smells.
Ummm. Hi, there. Don't mind me, I am only melting my Mom's heart!
Did I mention I have a freckle on my nose?

092910 Wednesday

Hey, check me out!
Here's a little of my goat move... *pulls up grass*!
And here are my zoomies!
Make that ZOOMIES!

Here I am in "neutral".

100110 Friday

And here I am in "park"!

Hey! What happened to my long legs???
[My Mom thinks I am cute as a bug! ... I don't disagree.]

P.S. The Luke is not feeling well. He was scheduled for an exploratory procedure on Monday, but the weekend challenge will be keeping him at rest...

100210  Saturday

Just hanging out.
Ummm... Mom, if you would stop watching me, I would dine at the Backyard Buffet!

100310 Sunday

My Mom wants you to know that my fur is even softer and fuzzier than it looks in this photo. You see... I still have puppy fur, all over. 
I've got more than a fair amount of FLOOF, too!
And the bad news is... I've also got a major hotspot going. There's no hiding it. Life hasn't exactly been normal lately. And that makes me nervous...

100510 Tuesday

Hanging out inside with the Luke. [He had surgery yesterday. And while he's feeling much better in the respiratory department, he's still a little puny.]
He doesn't know... but I am Luke sitting. He doesn't know... but I love him, and I try to be calm when he needs calm.

And I'm looking good doing it. Look deeply in my eyes. I. Will. Melt. Your. Heart.
Hanging out outside with the distant Luke.

100710 Thursday

We received Luke's results last night, and we are in a scramble... yet working to keep life normal.

One of Mom's favorite nicknames for me is... "Bleu Bear".
And the Luke refers to me as "B-DOT-BEAR-WIF THE BUG FUZZY HAIR"
In his mind, he's created an email address for me ( and he's also created an entire rap that goes with the nickname. I would sing it for you, but I would need sunglasses, a ball cap (backwards facing, of course)... and a glove.

100810 Friday

It hasn't rained in a bzillion days. The drought is taking a toll on the garden, but it doesn't affect the squirrel trail.
I'm standing on top of and parallel to the rug that has been placed here to give us traction on the slippery floor. 
Mom doesn't like this rug, but she doesn't like us slipping even more.

100910 Saturday

We like to call these kinds of photos: "Shift Change".
Bleu. Billy.Goat.
Funny coloring, but I'm a little handsome. Do you think?

101310 Wednesday

Brutal week. And yet we live happily!

WHOOOOF... Sammy is over here somewhere. I'm sure of it.

101410 Thursday

Milling around, in and out. So very much to think about!
Hmmmm... Interesting.

101610 Saturday

I love laying in the yard. I would lay out here half the day if I could... sniffing the air, snacking on whatever is within reach... and dreaming.
... and looking extraordinarily handsome!
Of course, I would also get up and make a round or two through the yard...
High Tail Day.
Do they call this pigeon footed?

101710 Sunday

WHOOF... Sammy!

101810 Monday

Whoa... Another deeply emotional evening for us.

The Bear goes out alone. Bleu.Bear that is.

101910 Tuesday

Yeah. That's right.

102010 Wednesday

If you couldn't see me, which end of my shadow would you pick for my head?
I love a Buffet you can lay in!

102110 Thursday

Oh my gosh. Since the first day this hellish nightmare erupted, we received our first bit of good news today... Praise God! We are grateful beyond belief!

Igt is also a windy day and you know what that means: STICKS!
Big ones. Little ones. And all that I can eat!
Pecan hulls. Pecan shells. And St Augustine grasses!
What? Are you suggesting that these are bad for me?

102210 Friday

Trouble on my mind...!
Proof of my innocence!
Oh, yeah. I'm innocent alright!
... when I'm sleeping!

102310 Saturday

Duty calls. Find the sticks.
Bingo. Treasure!
Now tail the tail... Luke's, that is!
We've got a major battle going on here. And while we're fighting with all our might, we vow not to compromise the everyday joy of just being!

I would lie if I said I didn't feel the tension [thus, hotspot], but I can say... With the exception of days that the Luke gets to go with the Mom for the day, I don't feel left out. And any time I feel a little slighted, I have my silly Bleu way of achieving balance! Hee hee hee!

So... if you haven't already, please Join Team Luke! And may The Love Protocol prevail!