Sunday, April 18, 2010

And The Winner Is...

First, allow me to express my gratitude to Twinkie for initiating this very fun event!

And next, I must apologize... for this day has not turned out as we all had planned. It has been a day filled with barometric pressure change, thunder, panic, anxiety (all experienced by Luke, as I attempt to avoid the fray) ... and funeral/coma music (helps Luke and induces a coma in Mom and me).

Needless to say, there was not spinning today... nor anyone to count my spins! So, I relied on a random number generator, and the lucky number is 12!
And that means that My First Annual Global Animal Blogger Event Winner is...

Dory, your prize includes a bed cover that was made with love by a volunteer with Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston, a bag of delicious (bring me in from the yard when I don't want to) Berry Treats and a surprise gift that I will select specially for yeu! I will be in touch with yeu in the very next little bit of time (when thunder stops and life is back to normal) to get a shipping address!

Thank you, everyone, for playing! Your friendship is a treasure!

If you haven't visited already, please head over to Luke's blog for the announcement of our other winner!