Friday, November 12, 2010

The Bleu Birthday, Part Teu

I love toys, but I do not love them as much as the Luke...

And on the occasion of MY Birthday, I was totally uncomfortable being the center of attention. [Mom lured Luke away, and I would have NOTHING to do with the toys!]

With Luke distacted by a berry treat, however, I stuck my neck out... to check out my supposed bounty!

The Luke is held back and I'm offered my choice of the new toys... but I'm totally uncomfortable. From my perspective, we have tons of toys. There is no way we could ever want the same one at the same time. I say... It's a big deal to the Luke. Let him have first choice. 

It was predictable what he zoomed away with (story later). I still wouldn't make a choice... until the Mom put the OCHO (octopus) on my sweet head! She is made of exactly the kind of shag material that I love to pluck and elongate...
And that always gets me in trouble. I play nice, though, for now...
The Pupperazzi (aka Mom) spins around and around for pictures of me and the Ocho!
And here's one without the flash...
Friday... The Celebration Continues!

I snuggled up in my lammy jammy bandana... for our traditional family nap this afternoon.
Thank to each and everyone of my friends who tells my Mom to cut the darn tags off the worn out, dog more-than-friendly comforter! That tag is annoying.
 Mother Nature gave me another wonderful gift today... A Very Sweet Stick!!!
And I tried my best to give the Mom no reason to think I could possibly poke my eye out with it.
When it comes to sticks, Ole Gal is overly concerned with the safety and integrity of my sweet eyeballs!

For some reason, she loves em.
And wif em... I love her back!!! And I love yeu all, teu!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wheu's Birthday??? Bleu's Birthday!!!

Born in Mississippi eight years ago on November 11, 2002, I stand before you today... with a party hat on my sweet head!
The hats were my idea, and I made sure mine fit my personality and enhanced my good looks!

And in typical the Luke style, he picked an upside down ice cream cone! I'm sure he wasn't mocking the fact that I am allergic to dairy... but now that I think of it, he kept chanting "ice cream ice cream ice cream". Hmmmm.
And as a BIG SURPRISE, my Cousins Zeke and Rizzo hopped the bus to attend My Big Celebration!
Leave it to my pal, Zeke, to honor me with his Bleu's Cleu's party hat! And Curious George on Rizzi... well, that's just SO Rizzi!!!

They were a little late making it over, because their Mom (Our Aunt Karen) was unexpectedly at home this morning. I should have known something was up, because Luke was pacing... He was relieved and I was excited when they arrived!

We celebrated by watching a movie... Bleus Brothers, of course. We ate bleuberry treats, and we finished with a few hands of poker! We little bit lost track of time, so Luke had to whisk the Cousins off to the bus stop before Mom got home!

When the Mom got home, it was getting a bit dark (time change) and I was already a little tired.
I tried my best to look excited to see her, and to wear my birthday bandana...
but I was a little worried that I still had 'hat head'.... and I was finding it difficult to make eye contact.
I guess we were ALL tired, because the Mom asked no questions. She just loved on me and sang to me and catered to my whims... what few there were!
My favorite part of the evening was treat time!
As much as we indulged with Zeke and Rizzi...

Luke and I upheld the oath of dogs all over the world. You know the one... "I will do my best to do my duty to express my appreciation to my people so that they will recognize that there is no such thing as too many treats."
More of my Multi-Day Birthday Celebration tomorrow, but until then...

Everyday should be, really... but today is a day when we pause to reflect on the debt of gratitude we owe Our Military Veterans! From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all who have and continue to serve and protect our country, so that we can live in peace and safety.

Long live the USA. Long live the Red, White and Bleu!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

For Sophie, Wif Love From The Luke... And Also The Bleu (of course)

Our Very Sweet and I must also say Gorgeous Friend, Sophie, recently tore her ACL and miniscus... and will be undergoin surgery tomorrow.
Please to keep this Sweet Girl in your foughts and prayers! From bottom of OUR sweet hearts, we wish the Sophie a swift recovery and limited time in the cone. [Fink of it not so much as a cone, but maybe a funnel for love and tasty treats and rations!]
Wif love from the Luke and 

Bleu Skies!

Chilly air, bright sunshine and beautiful BLEU skies make me feel...

Full of mischief!
And Happy!
What fun I've had!!!
I wish these happy weekends would go on Forever. Forever is my favorite length of time!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bleu Thursday

I'm not ashamed of the fact that I'm taller than most of my breed...  and I've been called the Yao Ming of Golden Retrievers. With most of our photos, it's hard to distinguish the size difference... but check this out!
My brother, the Luke [on the left, 74#] is the classic height/weight/shape of a male Golden Retriever. I'm much taller, but skinny [90#]. And I must carry at least 20# of fur weight! Ha! 
The difference in our sizes can be seen a bit here, too... as we position ourselves in a high traffic pathway!
Did I hear someone ask...
Where's the FLOOF???
And here is my Freckle!
I know you are comparin sizes again...
But you know what they say...
Bigger the boy...
Bigger the Silly!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Snacking At The Buffet

Following a stressful overnight, today's long nap was particularly refreshing... so I was real happy to bust out into the back yard when the Mom came home!
Dark day, dark photo... Cute, but dark!
Light matters not to me. A goat is a goat!
I look repentant in this pitcher... but it is a misperception, on a counta I am not.
And speakin of NOT repentant... here is a video that the Mom filmed of us today...

I have lost count of the Mom's sleep quotient, but I know it is substantially less than what Luke and I logged after she left for work this morning. And that works out just fine for me, since napping is one of my most favoritest of hobbies!
And now I close with a wish for bleu and quiet skies... on a counta that's the thing the Luke is wishing for the most right now!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Another Monday...

I'm not sure what it all means, but Mondays are Treatment Days... and the Luke is whisked away without the normal breakfast fanfair that we traditionally share.

Once he has boarded the trolley, I am served my tasty breakfast. And I'll be honest, once my belly is happy and full, I usually lose track of the fact that I'm still home and the Luke is not...
But believe you me, by the time he strolls back in... I am ready to pat / sniff him down, because in the name of justice, it is only right that he explains his whereabouts for this entire day.

I am happy to have him home, though!!!
I'm keeping tabs on him. I know some days are different than others around here. I'm trying to be a sweet boy, but some times my ornery mischievous side overrules. Mostly though, I am just so happy to have Life return to normal...
Ahhh... And Praise all things Good, I am free of the cone!
You see, I've been trusted out side the cone of evil influence for the past few days... but knowing how nervous I am with change, Mom thought it prudent to adorn me with it this morning. She explained it to me by sayin... "The  last thing I want to see you adorned with is a raw hiney!"
Happy and cute... downright adorable really. According to the Mom, anyway!
And here is 50 seconds of sweetness...

Before leaving you, I would like to thank my dear friends... Scout & Freyja and their Mom... for the wonderful design that is unfolding on my little corner of the web! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making this site truly reflect...