Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Night Wrights: Golden Friday Edition

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Happy Golden Friday!!!
It's Antler Night here at the Wrights', but I'd like to take a break to tell you a little bit about Our Thanksgiving Day.

It was nice and quiet and frankly... mostly pretty lazy. We snuggled and cuddled in the big bed in the morning, watched the Thanksgiving Parade [Houston version], ate a nice family lunch, shuffled around [even outside] in our jammies and slippers... and took a nice long family nap in the afternoon!!!

At around 4pm, Reuf and I were served an early dinner.
For me: Wysong, White Rice, Green Beans and A Scoop of Pumpkin
For Reufus: Innova, Green Beans and A Scoop of Pumpkin
Reufus is thankful for foods!
He LOVES to eat!!!
And he also loves to GO OUTSIDE!

Of course, Reufus doesn't know how to tell time yet, so he had no clue, but... I knew we were about to board the trolley! And we did!!!
Yep. No Thanksgiving Day is complete without wearing my Aggie bandanna! Because of the Mom's prior career (as a student, gathering degrees but not so much $), we have allegiance to both The University of Texas and Texas A&M. We pull for them both, but when they play each other...
Gig Em, Ags! 
Now back to the trolley...
Here's my view to the front
The View from Reuf's seat...
And here's a view from the driver's seat!
Where O Where did we go???
Casa De Whitson!!!
Thanksgiving with Family...
My Cousins... The Herd from Whence I came!!!
This is me, the adorable Cousin Dakota (who has always looked SO much like Our The Luke) and My Awesome Uncle Tom!!! You may recognize him as Mister T, of Day Spa fame! He's our rock, and the rock of many! That's just who he is!
My the mom photographer was a bit on the fritz. It was late in the afternoon, just a little too early for the flash and too late not to use it. All of the photos turned out blurry... I apologize!
Here is me scooting across the deck!
My Cousin The Buddy!!!
Cousin Dylan!!!
The Me... And Cousin Cane sitting to the right!
Little Reufus rarely slowed his speed below 50mph, so he's mostly a blurrrrrrrrr!
Golden Fun! Clockwise: Uncle Tom, The Me, Cousin Dakota, Cousin Cane (back turned), Cousin Dylan (back turned, tail high) and Little Reufus!
It was SO wonderful to spend time and share the loving with My Aunt Madison! I will never forget that when I was surrendered to GRRH, she slept on the floor of the bathroom with me several nights, until I finally stopped trembling. Just when love failed me, she showered me with hers. My eyes light up when I see My Aunt Madison... and I wish the photographer could capture that excitement!

Cousin Becca, Master Chef.... with Uncle Tom assisting... and Aunt Madison taste testing... prepared an exquisite meal!!! There was tasty turkey, dressing, stuffing, fresh mashed sweet potatos, Becca's famous spinach casserole (the Mom's request and favorite!), fresh cranberry sauce... and the lazy mom's restaurant bought pies (pumpkin and chocolate which weren't so good).

It was a wonderful evening. All was quiet in the trolley on the way home, because we were full and happy and tired!!! And though the Mom and I got up at 345am to do small businesses, we returned to bed and WE ALL slept in until 8am!!!
The Mom did a little Black Friday stuff today... nothing too dramatic, and mostly she just spent time with My The Aunt Dav and her the Mom.

Meanwhile, Reuf and I had a restful Golden Friday... taking a short nap and resting up for tonight! We also slipped outside for some traditional FrEYEday photos!

These are late afternoon photos, and our weather is in transition. A cold front is due in around 6am in the morning. We're due for thunderstorms and then some weather to follow that's supposed to feel like late fall / winter!!!

And from Me and Mine: Bring On the Cooler Temperatures!!!
Earlier I mentioned Reufus and his green beans. The Mom put him on a little of a diet. He protested on grounds of not liking vegetables... but every time he's outside, he chows down on the mixed (unknown, unidentifiable and perhaps dangerous) veggies.
Once all of that was pointed out to him, Reuf began to acquire an appreciation for the green beans. He's still a bit CHUB, but his waistline is narrowing a bit. Just saying.
My issue is the opposite!
The Mom is trying to put the poundage on me!!!
I hate the reason for it!
But I love the challenge of adding on weight!!!
Hello, Fattening Foods!

If you're not dairy or so rich you'll make me sick...
Antlers, I'm sure, have very few calories..
but still... I crave them!!!

Here I am begging for one.
 I know where they are!
I know you know I know where they are!!!
Please to just dole them out!
I admit it. I'm an Antler Addict.
I'm pacified slightly by a whole antler,
but I dream of having another split one!!!
Life is so wonderful for me right now, that I hate to be gluttonous...
but I drool over the thought of another split antler!!!
Little Reuf is an avid chewer, so the whole ones are perfect for him. It IS a little difficult to keep him from stealing a split antler from me. Given the choice, he will always pick MINE!
Life is Great! And this has been a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. I've been making a list of things I'm grateful for... and while it's too long to post today, I want to share it soon! For now, I must tell you...
I'm thankful for Yeu, My Friends. Thank Yeu for allowing me to share my life here in this blog. Thank Yeu for your Support... your care, concern and comments!!!

Thank Yeu for bolstering The Love Protocol! Thank Yeu for being a part of Team Bleu!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!!
In case you are wondering, this is not the same photo you saw a couple of days ago... this was taken today! Evidently, I always lick my nose when the Mom suddenly opens the back door! I had no idea I had such a propensity, but I digress...

Today was wonderful and lazy, and yet a day in which I witnessed a lot of chores done!

We got up early and dined on the tasty breakfast foods, and then we all went back to bed [Reuf to the kennel. Me to my nap spot. And the Mom returned to the big bed with her new treasure,
the nite nite mask! (Hers is black!) The Mom bought it because our bedroom receives a lot of light from neighbors' porch, flood and security lighting, and she is SUCH a light sleeper... it just takes a bit of light to wake her for the rest of the night!] 
Of course, we didn't sleep very much longer... but it was nice to try!
It was also nice to have the Mom home to cater to our every whim. And we had lots of whims today! Just saying. Lotsa outs and ins and outs and ins...
We just love the judge shows, all of them... but the Mom especially loves Judge Milian. She's on in the mornings, so we all stopped what we were doing and watched The People's Court. It was happy and fun, with the exception of when Reuf scratched the daylights out of the Mom's face... and she threatened to take him to court!
[Reuf looks innocent, but he is who 'they' referred to when 'they' said... "Looks can be deceiving!" Just saying.]

The Mom left us to run to Luby's to pick up our Select Feast To Go! It was to be ready by 10am today, 'Fully Cooked. Heat and Serve.' And we were excited to get our holiday started with a festive and tasty lunch today!    
So... Imagine our surprise when we get home with what appears to be a raw turkey breast, which prompted us to read the heating instructions...

300 degrees. 2.5 hours.

Is that considered 'fully cooked'???

The Mom and I had both salivated over an early Thanksgiving feast, but that bird had to go back into the oven. No amount of arguing or protest would have changed that primary fact.

The smell coming from the oven was delicious. Just ask Reufus.
I'm checking on the empty pie/cake delivery vehicles. [We have one pumpkin pie and one chocolate ice box pie in the fridge.] And in the fruit/veggie basket... we have sweet potatos, just waiting on a 9 hour cooking spree! Don't believe me? Well... The Mom even bought a mandolin slicer yesterday! How cool is that?!

Outta the Kitchen and Through the Bar Area

Outta the Bar Area and Down the Hall

Outta the Hall and into My Bedroom!
Watching the Mom check her list of chores and other things to get done on her vacay... Spoiling me is THE TIP TOP of the list!!! And things that will annoy me... like Dyson action... are further down the list than Wednesday. Thank Dog.
A wonderful day is followed by a wonderful night...
And it is an ANTLER NIGHT!!!
chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp
My little split antler is what I crave.
And it is growing littler and littler...
In fact, it is now gone.
bye bye.
My Friends, I wish you A Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Thanksgiving is in the top two of my most favoritest of holidays!!!

I am SO blessed and so very grateful!!!
 Your friendship and support is at the tippy top of my list! 

Teusday's Sweet Word: Remission!!!

Happy Teusday!
Happy Treatment Day!
Happy News!
My disease is in REMISSION!!!
We had a rough start to our morning, because we were awakened by thunderstorms. I boarded the trolley during a break in the rain, but the trip to the clinic was encompassed by another band of storms. All of these storms had been predicted for early afternoon, but we should have known that the timeline was expedited at 3am. When we were outside doing mid-night business, the wind was gusting and blowing!
It seems that under the auspices of The Luke, I learned to be mildly thunderphobic. And so it was that...  I was a nervous wreck by the time the trolley pulled into SLVS.

All said, that's a teeny tiny very small trade for the wonderful news that they had for me!!!

The Mom is always nervous on treatment day. Dr. Novosad has asked her to monitor my lymph nodes, and those of you who know her know... boy-o-boy, she does! Having given the disease and its challenges a lot of thought, my the Mom has developed a plan for balance in our everyday life.
(1) She tries not to check me so often that she can't distinguish the difference from one minute to the next. [This is a struggle for a thorough, sweet boy obsessed the Mom. For a while, she was checking me 20 times each: morning, noon and night. Talk about a recipe for crazy...!]
And more importantly (2), The Mom and I vow not to allow the worry of the battle to rob us of our Happiness, Our Good Times, Our Treasured Days Together!!!

Cancer and Worry are the enemies.
And Faith and Hope are our Friends!!!
All that said, my the Mom does monitor me closely. And she has a very intuitive and intimate connection with me. She's very guarded with her hopes and fears, and she very rarely shares them. My results have never been a surprise to her, but she is often surprised when the news is good... and that she is right!

And today... in such a very wonderful way!!!
What a dream come treu...
Remission for The Bleu!!!
My treatment went well today, and I was happy to board the trolley for the trip home! I nibbled on berry treats all the way home, and enjoyed a late breakfast once I deboarded.

Our afternoon was quiet. The Mom slipped away to the grocery store for a quick shop. I supervised some of her chores once she returned. And we enjoyed one of our favorite guilty pleasures... the judge shows!!!

At some point in the afternoon, something mysterious happened. The bandage on my leg disappeared completely. Now... I've never ever been known to do such a thing. Could it be that I allowed Little Reufus to do it??? I join the Mom in hoping that this, too, will pass!
Speaking of RJ, he and the Mom started 'Beginning Competition' tonight. This is him worrying about whether "his trainer" will embarass him tonight!
"Awwwww, the Mom... Please to be real sharp! Please to follow direction! And please to not embarass me... again!!!"
"Ummm.... O... And I have I told you lately that I love you?"
Little Reufus came home thirsty and excited but tired. He told me he played lots of "get it" games of various sorts, and he loved them all. Quick sits and freezes were the focused commands. And there was a lot of emphasis on positioning. He said he did well, but the Mom was a bit challenged in terms of physical coordination!
I enjoyed my time alone with the big bed, the remote, a bowl of fresh waters and an open pantry door!!!
I was told it was a 'no antler' night...
I've protested a bit, but the Mom is concerned about my tummy. I may be ornery, but I also know her love for me. She told me to 'settle' and I did! After all, we've got a big day ahead...
Tomorrow, we're spending the entire day... at home... together!!! I hope we're spending a portion of the day online, giving Santa my wish list and directions to Venison Joe's!!!

And for tonight, we're offering up our Prayers of Gratitude. There is no question, we are blessed! We've got the best medical team in the world behind us, and our The Love Protocol nurtures Our Spirit!!!
Thank Yeu, Team Bleu!!!