Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: Pre-Thanksgiving Edition

Hey Everybody and Happy Thursday!!!
I am happy, happy, happy for many reasons,
not the least of which is...
We are closing in on one of My Most Favoritest of Holidays...
I am Thankful for so very many things. I am feeling really, really great! Add the beautiful weather, and I am one Frisky Sweet Boy with a skip in my step!
It's easy to focus on the bad things about having an evil disease, but there are also some really good things, too... For example:
We waste little time in our home.
Oh... We still have our Lazy Time!!!
It's just really full of songs and chatter and hugs and cuddles and... *blush*...
I also treasure
Our Family Lunch Breaks!!!

You see, my the Mom comes home from the factory, mid-day,
to cater to my every whim!
How great is that???
SO much of Life is Good.
And I'm Grateful for All of It!

My Birthday

My the Mom took this photo at the factory at 11:11 on 11/11/11.
How cool would it be if her factory extension was 1111!
And speaking of my birthday...
I wasn't feeling all that well when I was working on my birthday post,
so I depended heavily on my the Mom to pull it all together!!!
I love the old gal, and I know she tries hard...
but she inadvertantly left out one VERY important photo!
Allow me to present....

Russell, Cammie and Brie Mays!!!
I mean, their enthusiasm really sent a charge through the party!!!

My brother, The Luke, had the sweet eyes for Miss Cammie!
And You can see why!!!
Just look at her the gorgeous red furs!
I was feeling both forward and lucky,
so I had the Reufus pass her a note that says:

Do you like The Bleu?
[ ] Yes  [ ] No    Check One.
If you checked Yes, Do you LIKE like The Bleu?
[ ] Yes [ ] No Check One.

I haven't received the note back, and having my the Mom overlook her photo in my birthday post sure didn't help my cause!!! I was hoping that we might go out for a traipse in our private park... and for some fermented water and a glut of berry treats and sweet potato chips. Her silence is not so much... golden!

My Birthday Cake

Zeke and Rizzi liked it!

Reufus Graduation
Dogwood Dog Training and Sports Center
Introduction to Competition
Teusday, 11/15/11
Final Class / Graduation
Little Reuf has moved into more detail oriented classes, and there really wasn't a Ceremonial Moment in the final class last Teusday night...
By way of Review and Reflection...

Reufus has completed Basic Obedience.
Beyond Basic.
Introduction to Competition,
and he begins...

Beginning Obedience Competition
next Teusday!
At just over a year old, they still consider him too young for Beginning Agility. They want to ensure that his growth plates are closed and that his physical development is complete, to reduce the risks of injury.
And we're ok with that! The Mom is excited about training for Rally and Obedience. And... She hopes that he's also ready to begin the Canine Good Citizen class in February!!!
I mean, he looks like a CGC... but he's got a LOT OF WORK TO DO!!! Just saying.

My Afternoon

Since DST is no longer, it's a bit darker when the Mom gets home to us.
It's a funny time, when it's too light for a flash... and too dark without.
Gosh. I look BIG!!!
Here I am, scooting around the back yard.
Reuf flies by, looking LONGER than normal!
Bad Boy doing a Bad Thing!
Exhibit R: The Bad Thing.
Here is Me!
'Tippy' is skipping!
Ever since My Sweet The Judy trimmed my toenails,
I have not so much lived up to my nickname of 'Tippy'...
Instead of my tap shoes... I'm rocking the Sneakers!!!

My Evening

I know where my split antler is kept.
I begged for it. Seriously. I BEGGED for it.

And the Mom delivered!!!
chom chom chom
Cute. Happy. Satisfied.
'Sharing' is still a huge exercise in our home,
but we've made great strides!!!

Here's Reuf, enjoying his antler!
In the world of antlers, his isn't split. It's whole and intended to seduce the hearty, avid and motivated chewer. We have two whole (non-split) antlers, one for each of us...
Reuf can have mine.
Please to just leave me to the one SPLIT antler we have...
and MY jones for it!!!
I find myself, increasingly, in a place of...
Consistent Gratitude.
I thank you for my split antler.

I thank you for your friendship.
I thank you for your support.

The Love Protocol depends on Yeu!
Go Team Bleu!!!


The Thundering Herd said...

Yes, much to be thankful for and always wise to focus on the good rather than the not so good.

Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

So happy to see you so happy, Mr. Bleu. Have a wonderful weekend, with lots of cuddle time.

Tucker and Daisy

Miley said...

What a great post! Have a great weekend, Mr. Bleu!!

Your newest followers,
Miley and Maggie

Sheila and Bob said...

Bleu, your post just made our day, you have the most wonderful outlook and that's why you are loved by so many.
We hope the you, The Mom & The Reufus havew a wonderful Thanksgiving. It is our favorite holiday also.
The Love Prtocol continues to roll.
Love,Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob
Cousins, Hamish, Sophie & Foster Tucker

houndstooth said...

You had me at "split antler"! I think it's really important to think about all that you have instead of what you don't. I love your style, Bleu!