Friday, November 11, 2011

The Bleu Birthday Extravaganza, Part Teu: The Pawty!

I woke up early this morning, giddy with anticipation,
for teuday is the highlight of...
My Big Birthday Extravaganza!

It's Pawty Time!!!
We passed our time nervously in the back yard, hanging banners, icing down drinks, and readying the dance floor, when suddenly... Reufus heard the door bell ring!!!
Our first Party Guest arrived... My lovely Cousin Lovey, looking striking in her Pretty Pink Princess Pawty Hat! Yes, yes, yes...
A Pawty isn't a Pawty without The Three Essential Ps...

And Pretty Girls are the most important! And we we're thrilled to welcome Miss Holly and her oodles and oodles of bleu, yellow, pink, orange and green balloons...
I'm a Happy Birthday Boy!!!
Next to arrive was Dillon Pyranees...
in this AWESOME headdress!!!
And just like with Pretty Girls...
It's not a Pawty without a Pyranees!!!

What's that Reufus???
Uncle Bob and Aunt Sheila have arrived with Foster Friar Tucker, and Cousins Sophie and Hamish. They are decked out and ready to PAWTY!!!
Stepping out on the deck, my Cousins are all smiles!!!
Oh Oh Oh... And they brought TOYS!!!

Awww Mom, Please to tell Reufus they are MY toys.

It must be the Golden Hour!
Hey there, Tucker and Daisy!!!
Tucker is very handsome,
but how adorable is Miss Daisy in her BLEU bandana???

And look who's arrived from next door!
It's Sammy!!!
Sam sees enough of me and Reufus in the back yard, so he headed inside to check out the treat buffet and to lay out a spread of the treats his the Mom sent with him! Gotta love Sam... and check out that smile!
Little Reufus is out back, getting The Pawty Games started!
This one is called "Mine Mine"!
And from the Tip of the Mitten State...
The handsome
Mr. Scout!!! has arrived!!!
 ... With his strikingly beautiful sister, Miss Freyja!
Those two LOVE for a LIVING!
And Thank you both for the beautiful greetings!

This is SO the way to PAWTY!
My Cousins, The Herd pose for a Pawty Picture in the garden!
Left to Right: Miss Porter, Dylan, Dakota, Cane and Buddy!!!

And arriving from Pawsylvania...
Styling in the DN Akhura...
Let's crank up the music!!!
Miss Khyra is here and she's looking beWOOtiful!!!
Decked out in my team colors and wearing
My (ok, The Luke's...) Letterman's T-Shirt!!!

Miss Merdie, Golden Princess... 
is A Happy Sight for My Bleu Eyes!!!
We know The Luke is smiling wide right now!
And just like her Khousin Khyra,
She's rocking The BLEU string!!!

Of course, on the other end of that string is her Kid Brother...
Oh oh oh...
It's Reuf's Twin... HARLEY!!!
Treuly... This is the first time they've been seen in the same place at the same time!!!
We could hardly hear the phone ring, butThe Bishop Boys called from The Red Trolley!
They're getting off at the next stop!!! 
A quick brush of Zeke's eye lashes, and an adjustment of his Bleu's Cleus Hat... and Rizzi, rocking the Curious George... paws to take a festive photo before darting around the yard to find the swimming pool!
Let's Pawty till We're Nawty!Tee hee hee...
I just thought that would be fun to say!
What's that I hear?WOO HOO!!!All the way from the OPK...Thunder, Ciara, Lightning and Phantom are HERE!!!

The Pack is looking very stylish and festive!!!Party On, WOOS!.....A bag just arrived from Manila, Phillipines...And out pops, the cute, the adorable...
From Piappies World...
The Forgie came ready to PAWTY!!!

Now, let's see... We've got Two Ps...Pretty Girls and Pyranees...of the Three Ps to a Perfect Pawty.What are we missing???Oh, yeah...
A Pony!!!

All the way from Scottsville, New York...
Welcome Prince Te Geldings!!!
WHEEEEEE!!!How's that for a big smile!!!?
Ah Oh...
Reufus has stolen someones stick again!
I digress...
Now back to the Pretty Girls!
Molly and Jewel are in The House!!!
And they brought CAKE!!!
And from Mesa, Arizona...
My Man Sam!!!
Looking festive in his Pawty attire,
Handsome Sam brought along his KID Brother...

No no...
It's Reuf's Slightly More Mature Twin...
Mister Monty isn't so much into hats and fancy headware, but he's sporting the Gold Ribbons befitting this Golden Celebration!!!.....Boys, Boys... Settle down!
The Princess, Savannah Honey has arrived!
Sweet Girl with the Pretty Pink NoseShe's bringing The Magic to this Pawty!!!
Anybody getting hungry???
I don't think The Luke will mind if I borrow his favorite hat...
Refreshments are served!!!
And may I suggest getting into line quickly!
You'll want to find yourself in front of Little Reufus!
Just saying.
.....The Pawty is in full Swing, and
inhibitions are a bit relaxed.

Looking both adorable and festive,
while rocking their HULA skirts...
Morgan and Maisie warm up the dance floor!
You Go, Pretty Girls!!!
And now, The Evening has grown long.
Bellies full.
Energy spent.
Puppies and Pony sprawled Everywhere!

And the shirt is off...!!!

This Birthday Pawty was... AWESOME!!!

And I thank YEU and ALL MY GUESTS
for making My Birthday

In Our Thoughts and Hearts teuday is
Our Angel The Luke, Who Art in Heaven.
We know he enjoyed The Festivities!
Before I close, I want you to know how grateful I am to have Friends like Yeu.
Having Yeu share My Birthday meant The World!

Thank Yeu for all the ways you support Me.
Thank Yeu for supporting Team Bleu!!!


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...


My The Mom is smiling - she ALMOST spit out some beer with a few of the pikhs *WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE*

Happy The Bleu Day Dix Et Une!!!!!!!!!!!

Khyra and THOSE Goldens ;-)

Mr. Pip said...

Cake, biscuits, good friends, what a great party! Happy Birthday, Bleu!

Your pal, Pip

Sheila and Bob said...

We are so full and so tired, but it was great !!!!!!!!
Same Time Next Year.....
Happy Birthday again Dear Friend, We Love you all very much.

Uncle Bob, Auntie Sheila,
Hamish, Sophie & Foster Tucker.

scout and freyja said...

Just got Scout and Freyja tucked into bed for the night. They'll be giggling and whispering all night talking about all the fun they had at the PAWty in the Lone Star state! Full tummies and happy times spent with good friends - what more could any pooch ask for! ♫Happy Birthday, the Bleu♫ You and the mom sure know how to throw a good bash!

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

Great pawty Bleu.. Happy Happy Birthday.
Your pals, Morgan & Maisie

♥I am Holly♥ said...

Best Pawty ever sweet the Bleu!!! Happy Birthday to you!! Lots and lots.of love!!! Holly

houndstooth said...

That party looks fantastic, and I am most sorry that I missed it somehow! Party on Bleu! May you have many more birthdays to celebrate!


Sam said...

What a great party! The boys are sleeping in. Although, could you check your Reufus? We're not entirely sure it's Monty that came home last night! It's so hard to tell!


road-dog-tales said...

Happy Birthday Bleu!!! That is SOME pawty you've got going on there! And just LOOK at all those fabulous pawty hats! Hope you had a fantastic day and got lots of YUMMMMY treats!


The Road Dogs

Kari in Vegas said...

What an awesome celebration

Stop on by for a visit!

Boondocks Love Shack Pack said...

Oh y'all is getting the pawty on!!! HAPPY, HAPPY BARKDAY... AND MANY, MANY MORE!!!!

Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Happy Birthday again, Bleu - we don't think we have ever seen so many pups in party hats at one time. We had such a great time - thanks for having us.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

What a party. Our the Mom was out late last night, so she didn't notice how late we got home. Don't tell her, okay?

Happy, happy birthday again, Mr. Bleu.

Love from the Daisy and the Tucker.

P.S. Our captcha word is aphats, sort of fitting.

Honey said...

I had a pawsome time at your party, Bleu!!

I hope you had an amazing Birthday. It looks like it was filled with everything I always wish for my friends, love, joy, and lots of laughter.

Thank you again for inviting me to share in your special day.


~savannah honey~

KT and Lady said...

Roooooooo to The Bleu. Better late than never I always bark. Happy Birf Day to you - The Bleu. A PAWSOME birfday post too. You got lot's of very berry nice friends.

Golden Rooooooos from Easton