Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day And Also Various And Sundry Sunday!

Thank you, Everyone, for your concern for my the mom... and also for the trolley!

It's been a difficult few days, and we don't yet know if it's a fixer or whether we will be forced to shop for a new trolley, but we very much hope it's a fixer!!!

Even so, we are grateful to have parked the clown car and upgraded to a more suitable Trolley: The Jeep Liberty:
And the first route for this newly upgraded temporary Trolley peaked at the GRRH Meet & Greet at Orvis Westheimer yesterday...  where "the star of the show" appears to cast a shadow of spilled water!!!

Meet Queso!!! He's a sweet and handsome boy, about 10 months to 1 year old! He is just out of the vet clinic from his neuter surgery. And he is... DIVINE!
A lot of people are interested in this sweet boy, and his status won't be 'available' for long!
Slurping Queso...
Mug Shot.
Profile Photo.
Queso was SUCH a sweetheart that the Mom couldn't help but draw comparisons to the Reuf.

At one point, she even wondered if the Staff at Dogwood would notice that the Reufus had turned blonde in the course of a week! She determined that they most certainly would, because Queso walked well with a loose leash!

When the Mom got home yesterday, Reuf and I were very busy. I was multi-tasking with pasta boiling and sauce simmering on the stovetop... and I was also creating a SmileBox video for my Uncle Tom on the laptop. 
I still need to tell you the story of Reuf's training. It's positive reinforcement and treat rewarded. We have already observed a difference, given that we are relating to Reuf differently... and giving him tons of treats.
Because the Mom can't help but reward me, too... since I obey the commands without exception... I am probably going to grow as big as the house!
After all, I'm already on a diet of kibble and vegetables... which I supplement with fresh grass, twigs and sticks!
I'm always standing by, however, when the Reuf is called upon to perform a task, exhibit a behavior or a restraint... and at least for now, a treat is required to complete the transaciton!!!
He's a good and smart boy, and he's learning to focus, to concentrate, to understand...
But he's not all there just yet! And yes, yes.. One day soon, I will turn my blog over to him so he can tell you all about his experiences in Training Class.

For now, I'll tell you... he worked first next to an unruly dog named Blue. And once Blue was given his own protective space to work in, Reuf worked within feet of another dog named Rufus.

Yes. Yes. You're right. The Luke was Upstairs... pulling strings, with a hearty chuckle. I'm sure he was drawing his friends close, and telling them... "check this out... this will be FUNNY!!!

The Luke, as you know, was the Mom's soulmate.
There is no rational description for the relationship they shared...

The Luke
June 18, 2010
The Luke
June 19, 2010
 Run The Luke. Run.
 Rest The Luke. Rest.
Gosh... There is just SO much the Mom misses about The Sweet Boy, and life lived with him.

Thunderstorms were the exception, but globally... The Luke innately understood and knew how to behave in all circumstances!
His cuteness, too... is legendary!
This is something we have in common!!!
Something else the Luke and I share ... along with the Reufus... is a LOVE for our Uncle Tom!

Uncle T gave the Luke a lift in his Porsche, as he made his way to Houston and the Mom. And he and my sweet, Sweet, SWEET Aunt Madison fostered me for 9 months. They gave me a safe place to rebound from my disconcerting conditions... and nurtured me in every way possible so that both my confidence AND my fur would grow back! Uncle Tom also gave Reuf a lift to the Meet and Greet where he met the Mom... It's not a dramatic story, but it IS factual!

And so for many, various and sundry reasons... with MUCH love in our hearts, We wish Our Uncle Tom.... Happy Father's Day!!!

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Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! to you guys ... Happy Sunday! Hope your trolley gets it fix but it might be safer just to get a new one. Oh The Luke ... he is very lucky to ride Uncle T's Porche. We miss him too. Sending you guys n your mom Lots of Golden LOVE. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...


I bet Uncle Tom was all touched and stuff by that GReat khard!

PeeEssWoo: Did woo try to trade The Reuf fur The Queso?

Courtney said...

Bleu posts from you and Reufus and your momma always make my dad. I miss The Luke too, even if I only knew him for a short while. You keep that Reu in line now, ya here!?

houndstooth said...

I'm so glad you have The Mom safe and sound! It sounds like this new training technique will be a benefit to you, Bleu! Just hope that she doesn't start giving carrots as treats!


Sheila and Bob said...

Bleu, You guys are strong and whatever the outcome of the Trolley is, things will work out.
We think you are right Queso will not last long on the adoption market, someone will grab up that sweet boy very quickly.
The creation you made for you The Uncle Tom was great, it is so wonderful to have someone like that in your life.
We continue to enjoy the photos of The Luke, we know he is looking down and guiding you along the way.

Hamish & Sophie

Scout 'n Freyja said...

It is good to see that you are blogging. That means that the Mom is feeling OK after the trolley accident. We were worried that there might be some lasting damage to her physical self. The Bleu, we know we've told you this before but we must mention again, we are crazy about that freckle on your nose. It looks like it needs kissing - a LOT!

Mr Lonely said...

Happy Father's Day !!! Have a Nice Day !!! Best Regards from Mr Lonely at .. do visits my blog when free.. XD

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Sounds like Uncle Tom deserves some special woofs on Father's Day because dads aren't just the guy you are born from...they are the mentors and protectors and spoilers and shapers and caring hearts that make us who we are!

If the trolley is fini, maybe you guys can get a Pumpkin like the White Dog Army has...maximum pup comfort!

Boondocks said...

Luke sounds like Mom's old Rhett. Mom calls him her "once in a lifetime" dog. Of course, I'm working hard to teach her that some things come around again in a different package but also good and special in its own way.

Nice to meet y'all!

Boondocks and Kudzu