Friday, June 10, 2011

Free Fur All Friday!

Hey, there. And Happy Friday!
And a Free Fur All one at that!!!
My night blooming cereus has delighted us again this week...
with the blooms that remind me of Fireworks!
Each bloom reminds me of our loved ones...
You see, our cereus was given to us by our the Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom!!!
And you have to get up pretty early in the morning to photograph the blooms...
especially when the Reufus runs free in the yard!!!
And speaking of The Reuf...
Young -Un took a trip in the trolley today.
Yeah, sure... He thought it was to dinner and a movie...
He squinted to see the sign.
...Fairbanks - North Houston Road...

He put 2 and 2 together...
Fairbanks Road, Fairbanks Animal Clinic

Gee, he wondered...
What does the BACK of the sign say???!!
Oh, well...
A party is a party.
The Fairbanks Waiting Room is a small venue,
but it's much LARGER than this trolley!!!
And party, he did.
Sadly... or fortunately (for the innocent) no photos were taken.

 And now he's back at home with boosters and a chip on his shoulder!!!
I was upset to have been left behind..
but I did enjoy the quiet time to myself!
I think it should have been me who took a trip with the Mom,
but I'm grateful that she and the Reuf brought a little rain with them on their way back!!!

9 June 2010
The Luke and The Me
There are no words to express how much we miss The Him.
Gaze right here...
Into The Mom's Soul!
And that reminds me...

If you're reading this, and it's still Friday where you live...
It's not too late to
This customizable Rainbow Bridge bracelet is just one of a number of elegantly hand crafted, pet themed bracelets... and TODAY ONLY... 25% of the Artisan's sales will benefit Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston! All proceeds are dedicated to veterinary expenses!!!

So... please


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

No trip fur ice khream???

PeeEssWoo: I saw Clooney do a Reufus thing tonight - we were walking by - Clooney was innocently playing with a downed tree limb - he meandered towards a planter with pots of flower in it, snagged one of them, and walked away - his dad stopped the mower ASAP to get the flowers bakhk - of khourse, Clooney thought THAT meant play - meanwhile, he missed the Bun E Foo Foo sitting there watching them!

Sheila and Bob said...

It won't take Reufus long to figure out what is a good trolley ride and what is not,,,,bol.

Glad he upheld the Golden tradition of being the life of the waiting room as all Goldens should be.

Now that he has his license plate we feel better that he can be returned to you if he decides to take a little stroll.

Bleu..... we know what you are thinking.....that's not very brotherly ....bol

Love the photos of your and the Luke, he will always, always, always be in our hearts.

We know he is looking down from the Bridge and getting some good chuckles at the adventures of The Bleu and The Reufus.

Hamish & Sophie
Hamish & Sophie

♥I am Holly♥ said...

I bet Reufus thought the trip on the trolley was like what Holly thought yesterday going to the groomer...except she thought it was to see her Rock! The Luke...the pictures have tears in my eyes again and somehow I know that he is looking down from the Rainbow Bridge with that sweet smile. Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

Stella said...

We love the blogs from yeu teu!

How nice to look at Sweet Luke again. What a beautiful boy!

I'm goin' shoppin'!


houndstooth said...

The Bleu got left behind?! Well that just isn't right! Perhaps your special outing is waiting for you tomorrow. Still, it was just the vet's office!


The Thundering Herd said...

Normally we all go in the trolley when we go see our vet - but then only the "lucky" get out of the Jeep to go inside.

Sam said...

A little break from Reufus once in a while is a good thing, isn't it Bleu?