Friday, June 17, 2011

Free Fur All Friday: Banged Up Trolley Edition

Good News: The Mom is ok.
Bad News: The trolley is in pretty bad shape.

I was pacing the floor by the time the Mom arrived home Wednesday evening from work. It is so very unlike her to be so late, and I was beside myself with the worry.  
By the time she walked in the door, the phone had rung itself almost off the wall. The Mom was shaken up and didn't feel much like talking. And though she arrived NOT in the trolley, but in something more akin to a junior gangster golf cart... I didn't ask questions, I just stuck close to her side. 

Early the next (yesterday) morning, the Mom pulled me close and told me about the previous afternoon's events. The horrors. The upset. The worries.

And I felt bad, because yesterday was the day the Mom had been eagerly awaiting...

Yesterday was the day that Reuf was to begin his training lessons! And let me be the first to tell you... not a day too soon!

I have heard many good things about Dogwood Dog Training, and they really have their work cut out for them! The Reuf is smart a plenty, but he is also a wee bit too fabulous for his own self. In my humble opinion. Just saying.
And I just hated that the Mom's energy and spirit was so low on a day she had looked so forward to... but I get that she was worried about whether the trolley was totalled. Please, we all prayed... NO!

Well, by "we"... I mean me and the mom.
MY heart was heavy and prayerful, but the Reuf's was... shall we say... OBLIVIOUS! Poor boy.

He hasn't yet developed his compassionate side yet. Instead, he spends his time worrying about whether I want a toy.

And it's kinda fun because I don't get wired up about anything. I don't care two bits about his stuff, but he doesn't know it! He thinks I think like he thinks! And sometimes I enjoy watching him work himself into a frenzy of selfishness!
The Mom doesn't enjoy it. Instead... she worries. It amuses me, because I'm a simple boy with simple pleasures... and I know that the Reuf will kick back and chill... eventually! 

And there is no better way to chill than to savor a good stick!

S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X...
Size is of no concern or consequence.
What matters is the vigor of the shake!
I digress, I know.
The tale of the Reuf's training session is a story for another day.

Tune in soon to discover...

Was Reuf the class clown???
Was he the youngest in the class???
Did one of his cousins join the class???
Did he enjoy the challenges???
And more importantly...
What did I do while he was gone???

Until then...

The Luke is always at the forefront of our minds.
And the past few days, there are so many reminders...
Fur in the back seat of the trolley...
Snart (nose art) on the windows...

The Luke
June 17, 2010

What a smile!
He enjoyed the simple pleasures, too.
A soft toy to suck...
A cool tile floor
in a room to share with the Mom.
The Mom closes her eyes, imagines the bedtime stories she told as she stroked the soft neck fur and those very special sweet ears... 
What a sweet boy. What a special brother. He taught me a lot, and I know he's in Heaven... pulling strings.
And I think he would be proud of the ways that I am looking after the Mom.
Looking after the Mom.
Mentoring the Reuf...

Gosh. I'm tired.
I think I need a little nap!


houndstooth said...

I'm so glad The Mom is okay! I'd hate to think of her getting hurt and worrying about who would take care of you and Reufus. I can't wait to hear about Reufus in class, though!


Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Poor The Mom! I hope that she has regained some balance and is in a more positive frame of mind.

The Luke KNOWS your have become the best Big Brother, Bleu (after all you learned from the best of the best)! And he KNOWS you will shape Reufus into a fine young adult that you can all be proud of.

Enjoy the journey, yes even the vexing days, and remember that the love in your family can get you all through anything.

Honey said...

Hi Bleu,

I'm sure glad your Mama is ok! I bet you were just worried sick about her.

Luke is sure a handsome guy. I know he is proud of the way you are taking care of Mom.

Have a great weekend.


Scout 'n Freyja said...

Ohmygosh! You MUST tell us what happened with the trolley! Totaled? Need to get a new one? How are you? I bet sore.

You sweet the Bleu. You have so many jobs that we think you need an extra treat just to keep up your energy. We are sure that the Luke, who art in Heaven, is smiling down on all of you sending his immense love.

Sheila and Bob said...

OMG, What Happened!!!!!
We are so glad The Mom is not hurt. Our Mom & Dad just got rear ended the other day, but just a few small dings on the bumper.
Bleu, we can only imagine just how worried you must have been.
Tell The Mom to take it easy and let us know what happened when she feel up to it.
We look forward to hearing about The Reufus training efforts, we are sure that their will be a lot to Blog about....Bol....
Bleu, you were a wonderful Brother to The Luke and believe us, he knows how well you are taking care of The Mom and he is very happy.
He also knows what a challenge it is for you trying to raise The Reugus in the proper manner, but he is also beside you and The Mom and will help you to raise The Reufus as a wonderful brother, son and Golden.

Hamish & Sophie

Stella said...

Hey, the Mom, don't let us go around worrying about you . . .tell us more, when you can, about the crasheous trolley.

Bleu, you are such a lovely guy, learned all those good lessons from the Luke. We are happy to have you as a friend.

Reufus, pick up the pace and get on with your lessons. We want to hear more about that too.


Sam said...

OMD! I'm glad you weren't hurt. I think I'd be pretty shaken up too! I thought they had those things timed so that didn't happen.

We hope you have a good weekend, and are able to relax. Give both the boys hugs from us.

Luke had a great smile!


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

How furry furry skhary -

We are SOOOOO happy The Mom is okay -

So, I'm gathering The Reuf is still high energy?

I'm sure The Luke and Lady have taken Hamlet on a GRand tour of The RB!


The Thundering Herd said...

So glad The Mom is ok. Hopefully, the trolley is at a good vet and might make it - but then you might get a new trolley out of it.

Bleu, you may never tell us, but there was probably some point in your puppyhood where you might have been just a little Reufus. So maybe your job is to guide him to be the good dog like you (and The Luke before you)

Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

Mr. Bleu and the Mom, so glad to hear it's only the trolley that's hurt. Hope I didn't jinx you when I suggested a new trolley on FB. Hope all is well soon.

Heidi, Tucker and Daisy

Ps- captcha word is crings, it is trying to tell us something?