Saturday, October 29, 2011

Howl-O-Ween Fest & Other Fun!

We awoke bright and early to very cool airs outside and also my favorite thing about morning which is tasty breakfast food! Just after that, I began to notice the kind of nonchalent activity pattern that a The Smart Boy will associate with a trolley ride!

A trolley ride to the very fun Howl-O-Ween Festival at Bridgeland!
Thank Heavens we had Exhibitor parking passes, and we easily deboarded the trolley and made our way to the GRRH tent. We did not do so directly, as Reuf and I both did BIG BUSINESS right in front of the event greeters. The Mom was terribly embarassed, and with a huge bag [15 pounds of costumes, water, bowls, flyers and business bags] in one hand, and two leashes in the other... she began shuffling about, trying to get to the business bags, when...

The greeters quickly assured her 'No worries, it's a DOG EVENT!', and almost before the business was produced, there was someone there to scoop it up! Wow, I thought... this is like FIVE STAR!
Once we settled in at our tent, I asked that everyone turn their heads... and the Mom helped me dress in my costume. The one issue we didn't address in our rehearsal... was the leash.
We tried several adjustments, as we worked through the various and several wardrobe malfunctions... with little success, but oh well.
My lapel was a little askew, but I made up for it with my adorable freckle.
"Welcome to the GRRH tent. I am very successful GRRH Alumnus, Dr. The Bleu!"
"Yes, You may pet me... And please!"
My patented, 'Armpit Maneuver' where I slip between the arm and the torso, without my intended really even noticing. Thank you, Diana! 
I love this little boy. He gave me very good and tender attention. He really liked me, too.
In fact, the firemen were giving demonstrations just a few feet away, and they were letting children climb all over their truck. This little boy's the mom kept encouraging him to participate... but he wanted to stay with me.
The closest we came to a photo of me and Reuf together...
Just a glimpse of my Cousin Zeke!
Oh yeah... And Reuf rocked his rocket!
The slightly-reserved-always-polite-in-public Reufus... really came out of his shell today.
He was gentle. He did very little jumping up and climbing in laps [Thank you, Tracie... Reuf's favorite trainer... and the Mom for her consistency! This has been little squirt's biggest social problem to overcome!]
Clearly, the rocket has some alignment issues. Must recalculate trajectory data.
Reufus had a joyous time...
He was very gentle and I would say mannerly if he hadn't tumped over this little girl's beverage. No worries as nothing spilled, but her the mom moved the cup...
And our the Mom will be heading out to buy sippy cups for herself in the morning!
I offer you the difference between Reality and the movies (and cartoons)! This position does not lend itself to maximum trajectory but just a circle...
Much better!!!
Sticks or Treats, Sticks or Treats...
Sticks ARE Treats!
... until your little brother steals it from you!
[And now maybe you understand why I crafted for him... a rocket!]
After a while, the Mom undressed us and I have to tell you... It felt good to be naked!
I give credit where it's due, and Reufus wore his costume like a big boy today. I think he just needed to hear people tell him how cute he was and admire it... and he was all good. That said, he also did very much revel in his nakedness.
In case I've never mentioned it, I'm a BIG fan of Thing 2!
Oh, yeah...
It was SUCH a fun day!
There were SO many wonderful costumes on display at the festival,
and the Mom is disappointed that she wasn't physically able to photograph them all.
Here is a teeny tiny sampling...

Winged Dragon... sorta
Sexy Lady... MmmmHmmm...
Ruffled Cuteness
And drum roll, please...
The very very VERY best costume we saw all day...
Worn by the strikingly adorable Gumball...

Banana Split!
I think I speak for all of us when I say...
"I hate to say goodbye to a banana split!"
[The Mom said to tell you that the Gumball had very seductive ears. She could have loved on them all day!]

It was a wonderful day. The festival was well planned and hugely successful. Tons of people and dogs attended. The Mom wished she had been able to walk and shop and eat, because there was a huge range of entertainment, presentations, vendors and eatables... but she just wasn't able. Old gal had what she said are Responsibilities, but Reuf and I call ourselves The Wright Brothers.

We stayed about 4 hours and then the Mom began to worry about the me. Traffic was heavy, and it took over an hour to get home. We were all pretty exhausted, so we laid down for a nap...

The Mom and Reufus would still be sleeping, but I woke them up... HUNGRY! And the dinner foods were served and we all went outside,  and then I parked myself by the nightstand.

You know... the nightstand with the drawer that holds the antlers. And SCORE! Once we settled in for the evening, the Mom being exhausted, delivered the antlers for our evening entertainment
chew chew chew chew chew chew
nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom
Poor Reufus. What's his problem?
He's got TWO antlers on the big bed.
But again... He wants mine.
We continue to work on Reuf's willingness to share, and we're making progress. It's stressful on the Mom, but we have worked quite hard and are pleased to report very good results. Tonight, though he really wanted MY antler, he did NOT steal it. And that's great progress.

The antlers have now been picked up. Reuf and I have just gotten started on our evening, but the old gal aka our the Mom has just announced that it is night-night-bedtime.

I close by saying... I'm grateful for this beautiful day. I'm thankful for my wonderful friends. I'm blessed!


Siku Marie, White Dog said...

First, my dad has an orange pair of Dr. Seuss hi-tops that have Thing 1 and Thing 2 on the soles...just thought you would appreciate that.

Second, the Mom is wonderful for what she is doing...VERY wonderful.

Third, you are the perfect ambassador and family chronicler;

and fourth, your brother is maturing into a very nice young manpup. You should be proud.

Oh, and we LOVED the costumes!

Sheila and Bob said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us. It sure did look like fund, and you two boys were just great.
Wonderful Golden ambassadors.

Hamish & Sophie

Kari in Vegas said...

you make a great doctor!

Stop on by for a visit

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Your costumes turned out great, Bleu and Reufus. And Reufus,we are so proud of you and the MOm for such great behavior.

We have lots of sippy cups here, maybe we need to send a couple to the Mom:)

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Sam said...

When you find out how to make Reufus share, please let us know - Monty keeps insisting everything belongs to him. Sam barely even has a bear to his name!

We love you costumes!


Stella said...

You Goldie boys seem to have more fun than anybody. Bleu, your costume was very cute and your attitude is just the best. Reuf I am glad you are working things out and you will be winning good boy prizes alll over the place!