Thursday, October 6, 2011

Status of The Week With Very Important Prologue

Good Thursday Evening and Happy Friday...
Bring it on

I'm a happy by nature, laid back and silly boy. I'm mild mannered, courteous, gentle and subtle... but if you really know me, you know that I have a big personality and a dry wit.
When I don't feel so good, I get kinda quiet and low key... and my the Mom says I 'shrink'.

My personality crashed along with my the Mom's last December and January, when she and I lost our The Luke. She and I did everything together and over time, we each began to come back to life. Then after some fostering trials and a lot of consideration, we decided to add Reufus to our family.

As The Honeymoon faded, life with Reufus Jackson Wright began to get a little... *scratches head, rubs chin*... let's call it "trying". Little squirt had boundless, uncontrollable energy, recognized no boundaries and had no respect for personal space.
And about that time... My personality shrank. And my the Mom assumed it was because Mister Fabulous was forcing us both out of The Space we called Life.

We invested a LOT of time and energy in restoring BALANCE to our home and family, but I remained reserved and a bit withdrawn... 

And then one Friday, my lymph nodes enlarged. The Mom worried over me until the following Monday when she could schedule an appointment with Our Doctor Mark.

The diagnosis of lymphosarcoma was both dreaded and expected. The Mom intuitively knew... and it had already been revealed to her in the same way it had been with Luke. [Story for another day].
The very worst times for the Mom are those that we call LIMBO.

We made quick work of extended tests and talking all of this over with Dr Novosad, who we already trusted with the Luke's care. And after much thought, discussion and consideration, together we plotted a course of action. We determined a Protocol. And we charged forward.

Over the course of treatment, my personality has BLOSSOMED again! I am fun. I am silly. I am ornery!!! My energy, interest and enthusiasm for Our Life has returned. And my the Mom knows now... I was sick, and not depressed.

Things have been going wonderfully, the results far more beneficial than any of the sacrifice! There isn't a regret in sight, and we have had the highest of Hopes!!!

Test time has come, however... You see, with our chosen Protocol, Week 7 marks a "gate", so to speak. This is the point that Remission is expected, as it is the time when The Enemy has seen all the ammo and all The Troops have to offer. And the rest of the Protocol is ineffective to risky if the stability of Remission hasn't been achieved.

This Past Tuesday marked Week 7 for me. And I didn't make Remission.
The Mom had postively thought herself (which is a feat, as all who know her will testify) into believing all is well and that my lymph nodes felt normal. I'm a BIG, SKINNY boy. Nothing about me can be compared, by touch, with any other boy. And with my personality in full blossom, my energy recharged, and my sense of humor unbridled... She had the highest of hopes.

Dr Novosad questioned the size of the last of the lymph nodes. He measured them with calipers, and then to make sure... he aspirated. And I guess, under the microscope... it is revealed that the disease, the Enemy... is still there.

So, after discussion with my the Mom... the recommendation that Dr N made was for me to postpone my Week 7 treatment... and to receive an injection of Elspar instead.

What, you ask, is Elspar? Elspar [Asparaginase]... is an enzyme that interferes with natural substances necessary for cancer cell growth. It works by killing or stopping the growth of cancer cells.
The initial few hours after the injection were tenous, as anaphylactic shock was a possibility. I tolerated it well, but because I was given a proactive shot of Benadryl, I was a little lethargic for a while. I also had some significant tummy upset... but I'm over it now, and I'm feeling really darn good again!
As happy as I am, and as good as I feel... there still is some pressure on me. If my test results reveal that I'm in Remission next Tuesday, I can resume my chosen Protocol... Week 7.

I hate to even acknowledge the possibility, but if I fall short of my goal again... We will have to plot a new course, try something totally different. And it would be far better in my long run... not to show The Enemy new weapons. I would much prefer to save those for another day. So...

Please to Pray for Me?
Remission is the Key.


Stella said...

I feel so proud to know you, Bleu! A strong and handsome dog! I feel sure you will be ready for your Week 7 and we will be praying for the remission of cancer cells. We are very serious about stuff like this! My Mom prays, me, Stella I pray too. Zkhat, well, she does something that involves staring out the window for a long time, but we are sure it helps even a little.

Be ready, Bleu! With love from your pals in Minnesota, Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

We will be praying, and praying and praying. You look good, handsome boy. You can beat this.

Love from the Tucker and the Daisy

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Honey bunny, you are getting prayers each and every day from up here in northern Michigan. You are always close to our hearts.

Piappies World said...

Hello Bleu,

You got our prayers and we support you and your Mom all the way. You truly are a handsome pup and we are happy how you have been brave to face this battle.

Go Bleu Go! Hang in there please!

Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai, Forgie (and Tabby)