Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday's Some of This and That

Hopped up on The Big Bed tonight!Sure did!

Haven't been up here in months and months...
but I'm feeling good and...
It called to me! It did! Big Bed said..."Big Boy Bleu, hop up on me...
and show the little squirt who owns me!"

I did, and it was "fabulous"!!! I chewed my bone. I chewed my antler. And I snuggled with my the Mom. And Reufus was charged with learning some lessons. Unfortunately, his lesson has sprung an apple sized swelling from the top of the Mom's foot... and I really hope she can walk tomorrow, but I digress...

Never mind the Reufus mangled blinds beyond, this was a beautiful day in Houston, Texas. Lows last night were in the 50s and the highs today were in the 80s. And we were eager to enjoy out of doors! 
Bad news is that this drought has done a number on our yard, landscaping
 and once beautiful St Augustine grasses.
And the good news is that I am still stunningly handsome!
We also still have tons of rotten pecans, served up at the Backyard Buffet...
And here I am, grimacing, as I insist on eating one!
And that reminds me of a funny story! You see, earlier this afternoon... I came in from outside and wouldn't lay down. The mom thought I was thirsty, so she led me to the kitchen and filled my water bowl... but I wouldn't drink. She kissed me and hugged me, as she thought I looked funny, looked strange... and she was worried. I wouldn't take a treat, not at all. Her thoughts were that the evil disease was at work, and she began trying to figure out how to bring me out of it...

She did this and that, and all the while... I would not lay down. I wouldn't settle. I just looked at her with a strange expression on my face. And then, the phone rang... and as she began to talk, I couldn't hold it any longer...
I spit out a very slobbery rotten pecan!!!
[She pops them out of Reuf's mouth every time he comes in the door,
and I fully expected her to pop it out of mine twenty minutes sooner!]

I wrote about my Texas Sage a few days ago, and here's a closer look...
Pretty Purple is a favorite color,
because it reminds me of the gorgous 
Miss Khyra!
I had worried that "the storm"... read: darkness, lighting, thunder and 15 drops of rain... would beat the pretty petals off the shrub. We did lose some blooms, would happily have lost them all for a healthy amount of precipitation... but we're also happy that the sage is still pretty!
I need to find a comparison photo,
but we are in mourning over the loss of our huge
and formerly stunningly gorgeous hot pink azalea.
She is now TOAST.
Reufus has never lived here when we had lush grasses and landscaping...
but he's been here to witness dramatic losses.
I'm sparing you the worst, because the front "forty" is completely dead.
It's not the same yard. And it will need to be completely re-sodded and re-landscaped...
but not until the drought and the water restrictions are over.

That's not to say that all parts of the yard are dead.
That little bit in the shadow of the house or fence... is hearty and thriving.
Did the Mom say "Berry Treats"???
Sure she did! And we come running!!!
Today was a beautiful day...
Beautiful, clear BLEU skies.
And the Mom definitely had to play
The Berry Treat Card...
to draw us in-of-doors!!
Please to overlook the holes in the comforter.
It drives the Mom crazy, but until we can control the Reuf 24x7...
There is little sense in replacing it.
That's a little sad, but we hope it won't be forever...
And now I close by asking for your continued prayers, well wishes and healing thoughts for my good friend, Kodiak of The Thundering Herd. Handsome Boy is receiving the very best of care, and we continue to be hopeful for a full and speedy recovery!!!

And if you've got a prayer or so left over, I would appreciate a mention. I've had a two week treatment holiday, but will be returning for a treatment this Tuesday... followed by a treatment at home next week.
I'm fighting this with everything I have, but I really need and appreciate your help!
There's no cure, but we would treasure the word...

Thank you again for being a part of Team Bleu and endorsing The Love Protocol. Your well wishes, wellness checks and support bolster the Mom and make every day a lot easier!


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Soooooooo BLUSHING!!!

What a GReat post full of pawesome stuffs!

Especially WOO and Kodiak!

PeeEssWoo: I must khall Merdie to make sure she knows Harlreuf is missing!

houndstooth said...

You know you have our prayers, The Bleu! We're rooting for you and good news. We're also rooting for The Reuf to grow up one day and be as good as you! ;)


Sheila and Bob said...

Bleu, you know you have our prayers 24/7 non-stop.
The Pecan story is just great, loved all the photos and tell "The MOM" don't sweat the comforter, the holes just gives it character.

Sheila & Bob
Hamish & Rescue Sophie

Scout 'n Freyja said...

We are on TEAM BLEU 24/7. You are in our ♥s always and never far from thought. So sorry that your summer flowers and grasses have all turned crispy. Next year will be better - we can feel it in our bones.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

So good to see you looking so well, Bleu. We hope the next round of treatments go well too. Our landscaping and lawn took a beating this year too, but with the nice fall weather we are having, we hope to see it revive.

Pecans are something we have never had a chance to taste, are they really good?

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

♥I am Holly♥ said...

Dear The are in our prayers and thoughts always. You are looking really good now and we hope that you continue to do well. The blinds made me laugh because the ones on our front door look a lot like that only ours is worse from Holly sneaking a look outside!! Stay well and we will keep you in our prayers! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

So nice to see so many nice pictures of the you, Mr. Bleu. We keep you in our prayer each and every day.

Love, the Tucker and the Daisy.

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

The Bleu, we rejoice at your vigor! We send you large doses of White Dog strength and healing energy every single day. We, too, like the idea of Remission and hope it is a label you soon wear... but we won't settle until there is a cure...or better yet a total elimination of the c monster from the Universe. Our dream: Cancer.Touches.NOone.

Sam said...

Your beautifulness makes up for the dead grass - we didn't even notice! We are sending hugs to you and your Mom, and Monty is psychically sharing secrets with his "brother" Reufus.