Thursday, July 7, 2011

Campo Blanco, July 2011 Session, Part Teu

It is training night for the Reufus the Mom,so I am writing to you, fresh out of my bubble bath... I'm wrapped in my lush-us thick terry cloth bath robe as I sip my Perrier and nibble my ginger snaps! And I'm so pleased you've chosen to join me!

Welcome Back to My Adventure at Campo Blanco!
Part Teu 

As I spin my story and you paint the imagery of my tale in your mind... I think it might be fun to place faces with names, and so I present...

Our Cast of Characters
The Trolley

The Rug... The Very Washable Rug

The Sofa

Me... The Bleu

My Girlfriend... Porter!
Cousin Dakota

Cousin Buddy!

Cousin Dylan

Cousin Atlas

My New Cousin Maisy

Cousin Cane

My Brother... The Reufus
aka The Wetter

9 Campers.

[To be fair, I should also mention that there are Characters not pictured here, and they are the Moms, the Dad, the Aunts, the Uncle, the chefs, the servers, the walkers, the exercisers, the sweet talkers, the belly rubbers and spa attendants. You might know them by the names Aunt Madison, Uncle Tom... aka Mister T and also the Mom. They did a great job making our camping experience safe and enjoyable... and I'm pretty sure they all had a great time, too!]

DAY 2. Sunday, July 3.
Outdoor Activities

We did a lot of walking, a lot of sniffing, and a lot of looking around.
We would have indulged in lots more outdoor activities, but it was hot as blazes... and with the drought, the river was very sadly... dry.

I knew all the good spots, as well as the reason we were outside in the unbearable heat.

I spent some time mentoring my young brother to recognize and seize a business opportunity when it's presented. He found the lessons a bit boring...
But he invented his own fun.

A Progressive Dinner of Deer Poop


Looking for The Spot 
 Indoor Activities

We practiced Relaxation Techniques.

And here is The Rug, fresh off of the line dry... reclined and relaxed,
because The Wetter has been sequestered!

Uncle T Impersonation Contest!
Cane won, but I think we can all agree that he had a leg up on the competition!

Crime Scene Investigations

Mystery One.
Two more rugs, akin to The Rug, were annointed... but the Suspect was quickly determined and arrested. The Wetter is not yet an accomplished criminal, since there were many eye witnesses.

Mystery Teu.The Mom was aghast when she got down on the floor to love on me, and she found this horrific evidence of criminal mischief... yea, destruction rendered to The Sofa.

This crime scene was fresh. The evidence was still "wet".

This investigation is pretty much a NO BRAINER,
but for the sake of creativity and suspense...

We search the area for suspects.
 We look for anyone acting guilty.
 We asked ourselves...
Wheu had motive and opportunity?
Wheu among us had a history of destructive criminal behavior?
And then we collected dental records for a match.

The Suspect: Reufus... aka The Wetter

Verdict: GUILTY!
I know it won't stretch your imagination too greatly to understand...
just how awful, embarassed, sorrowful, apologetic, regretful and yes, angry...
the Mom feels.

Please join me tomorrow for the next installment of our adventures at Campo Blanco...
when the Mom suggests that we study Upholstery
while taking a field trip to The Sofa Store!

Hopefully they studied how not to get permanently crossed off of every invitation list
in training tonight.

Just saying.


Stella said...

I reserve my comments until Session teu is written up!


Stella said...

Excuse me, I am having heat prostrations, and its late. I meant to say Session thre!



Siku Marie, White Dog said...

The Bleu, you are starting to channel Alistair Cooke, I think. Your story telling technique is riveting and we love your plush robed and perrier drinking persona. Camp fun is sure heating up!

Charlie said...

I think the case is circumstantial. The Reuf would never do such a thing.ras There must have been a cat involved!
- Charlie

Sheila and Bob said...

Mr. Bleu,
Your story telling is second to none.
What a large cast of characters you had.
If Refus needs a lawyer, Hamish said he will be happy to represent him.
Looking forward to your next installment.

Hamish & Sophie

houndstooth said...

Oh no! I hope the Reuf doesn't end up getting left behind at day care the next time you go on vacation. It sounds to me like he might be a bit more mischievous than other dogs in your house! I have a pink plastic princess muzzle I could send you for him to wear.


♥I am Holly♥ said...

The Bleu, you have certainly written a great Part Two! The Reufus is sounding more and more like Holly...she ate my couch among other things in the house! I screamed, I said some bad words and then turned the cushions over (what was left of them) and said "fine!". It's now her couch! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Poor Reuf - you can't blame the young pup for being curious. We are sure that isn't the first destruction that house has seen. And any family that opens their doors so welcomingly to so many furries surely has understanding hearts. Meanwhile, Reuf - please get back to chewing on the sticks:)

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Dear the Reufus, you should not taste the furniture of your hosts, that is not very wise and could cause constipation of the most remarkable kind!