Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Sweet Thursday Night, Reuf's Academic Progress and Campo Blanco Part Five

Many of you know that The Wild Child is enrolled in some sort of Juvy Training Class, and he and the Mom leave me here at home every Thursday evening. I could wax poetic over the injustice of it all when the insolent is rewarded with an evening outing with the Mom...

But life is short, and I have decided, instead, to exploit the time alone by embracing my guilty pleasures! And so, Thursday evening, I do confess... I donned my white cotton shirt, boxer shorts and crisp white socks...

And I did dance. I did slide. I did celebrate while sliding across the hardwood floors. And yes... My Business was definitely Risque'!
To be clear, I'm not a huge fan of being alone... but Reuf is a little what his trainer calls... "glommy".
glom - verb
1. to attach oneself to or associate oneself with
2. ( US ) to acquire, esp without paying

His trainer indicates that Mister Fabulous, rather than being grossly overconfident as the Mom and I have diagnosed... is actually insecure and therefore all up in my business and also... the Mom's.
It is understandable why he would want to be like me, but I do get tired of him being right up in my face. And my ears are plenty clean enough, thank you very much.
I can't deny that he's pretty cute... for a younger brother, I mean. And he and the Mom came home with some great news after class...

It seems that hard work [on all our parts] is paying off, because Reuf was highly complimented in class! About 20 minutes of varying speed walks with loose leash, reverses and sits... and Reuf didn't miss a single command. And his varying sit - stays and recalls were perfection!

After class, he and the Mom were called into the office... but this time they were told that the little imp displays all the characteristics they look for in a competitive agility and/or obedience dog.

To which the Mom responded... "Does that mean he's going to graduate next week?"
I've been worried about that, myself... but they are clearly grading on a curve!

That said, a big change was made this week, and it resulted in a big change!

The Mom resisted the change for a great while... three and a half classes, to be exact. She still doesn't feel great about it, but I'm here to tell you... At long last, Little Reufus is starting to connect the dots!
In the trainer's words... "He's figured out who is steering the ship." For me, I think he's finally making the connection that through minding the Mom, all good things shall come...

He's far from perfection, but his behavior IS improving!!!

I'm reluctant to tell you, but I know you're going to ask... The Big Change is the introduction of the pinch collar. You can't even imagine how opposed to it we both were... but having learned how to use it, we will now tell you that Reufus is lightyears better behaved even when not wearing the collar. And when wearing it, it is hardly necessary! 

All of these photos were taken on July 5th, as we explored Campo Blanco. Reuf really loved all the smells!
It was fun, too, to see him stop and take notice of his surroundings as a whole...
And take it all in...!
He also loved the camaraderie! Spending time with his cousins was great fun, and here he is with Cousin Cane!
Uncle T took Reufus and Cousin Cane on a two mile walk each morning, and I loved it. As you may know... I'm not a morning person. And I enjoyed sleeping in!

Uncle T is quick to note that it was a two mile walk for he and Cane, and a four mile walk for Reufus... who did zig and zag.

Life is wonderful in Wimberley with the Mom... and also not so bad when home alone on Thursday nights!
When you're my size... it's hard to be photogenic on a six foot lead! Just saying.
I think you can see and appreciate, however, my gorgeous furs... but oh how I wish you could smell the fresh smells!
All of these photos were taken on July 5th, and that made me think of last year...

July 5, 2010
Orange Toy Night

Me with my goldfish...
 The Luke with his whale...


 In some ways, we weren't aware of how good life was... 
 In some ways, we weren't quite aware of how truly good life was...

But in so many ways... We knew!
Life is... after all... All about Love! 

And speaking of Love...
On our minds tonight is
My Special Pal... The Hamish!
Sweet Boy had a growth removed from his tail,
and he and his wonderful family,
Sister Sophie and Mom and Dad,
are anxiously awaiting diagnostic results.

Please to say A Special Prayer for handsome Hamish!
And send well wishes, positive and healing thoughts his way!!!


Sheila and Bob said...

Bleu, First Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for your loving words about Hamish. Friends Like you are something very special.
We are so happy that The Reufus is doing so much better in class.
Though we no longer use the pinch collar we did with our last Golden Cody, because like Reufus he needed the correction. Better that collar than a shock collar or the prong collar.
We can see in your blog that your family is really blending together and we are just thrilled about that.

Hamish & Sophie and
Mom & Dad Sheila & Bob

♥I am Holly♥ said...

What beautiful pictures of the Bleu, the Reif and the Luke! I am in love with all of you! Holly is too! We will continue. to pray for Hamish. We love all of you and we love your blog!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Awww, that is so good to hear. Once it clicks that the human at the end of the leash really is the one in control of all good things, they learn very quickly.

Looks like there was lots more continuing good times at Campo Blanco.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Ludo van Doggy said...

Glad that Reufus be clicking, sometimes it takes a lot of learning and you thinks it never gonna happen! We understand your Mom's concerns about the pinch and know some trainers does like those sorts of things, Maybe you could try a front leading harness, like the gentle leader which kinda spins you round from your chest when you pull. hehe.
~lickies, Ludo

the ornamental nest said...
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Scout 'n Freyja said...

So, looks like little Reuf might turn out to be a 'brainiac'. How cool is THAT!

Yes, the Bleu, it is furry imPAWtant fur alla' us to remember that the furry best time of our life is right now. Your pals here in northern Michigan wish you and the Reufus and the mom

Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack said...

Good job, Reuf! You must be doing a pawsome job!

Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack

The Thundering Herd said...

No worries on using pinch collars. Used correctly (and we know the trainer has shown you that), they are very humane. They get their bad reputation from people who use them incorrectly. A trainer had me put one on my bare arm and do the same level of correction - you understand how it feels (not painful at all). And, it is actually infinitely better than too hard of a correction using a flat collar.

In no time, the pinch will be unnecessary because the Reuf will learn the power of the voice! Great work.