Monday, May 30, 2011

Mugshots and Memories

Me... The Bleu
"I plea innocent of all charges."

The Reufus
"I just plea!"

The Reufus
House Arrest
"Again, I just plea!"

- - - - -
- - - - -

Our The Luke
May 30, 2010
Sweet Boy...
Never far from the action of the kitchen,
but always calm and mannerly.
Here's me and my The Brother.
Those were The Days!
It's hard to describe how it felt
to be in his company...
He always had my back.
He taught me the boundaries of love...
don't exist.

Our The Luke.
Forever in Our The Hearts.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sticks and Bones May... (29th, that is), An Instrukhtional Video from Khamp Khyra... and Memories!

First, a PSA about STICKS... [My dog, WHO is that Mystery Narrator???!!]

And now a few words about BONES (and The Bleu Sweetness)!

And I save the best for last... Drum Roll Please...

An Instruckhtional Video from Khamp Khyra featuring Miss Floofy Tail Khyra as The Bleu... and the Harley as The unruly, wild and crazy khid... Reufus! Be prepared to takhe notes... and Enjoy!!!

Wow, as The Luke would dub it... "A Video Triple Freat!" And many fanks to Harley, Miss Khyra and her wonderful The Mom for sharing these tips with us!!!

- - - - -
- - - - -

May 28, 2010
Our Precious, Sweet Leader... The Luke

 Such a cute boy...
 His very first day with the Mom in the Blanco River.
I'm not sure who was happiest!
The Luke loved the river... 
 And was eager to go wherever and as far as the Mom would go...
 throwing her a big smile, all the way!
 Resting back at Campo Blanco...
 And wondering if it was time to snuggle in the little twin bed.

May 29, 2010
Much to everyone's surprise, I allow my fur to get wet...
and I join the fun on the Blanco River!
 Noone was happier than The Luke!
And he was ready for a big adventure!!!
This day was a treasure...
as is everyday
in the company of those you love and cherish.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Brothers, Sticks, Memories... And Brothers

Ummmm... May we talk? You know... heart to heart? I have a lot on my mind these days, and I need to share...
It's sometimes hard to be a big brother. I mean you wake up, and he's there.
You try to enjoy your back yard, and he's there. He's... just... always... there.
Unknowingly, I teach him stuff.

I mean... what self respecting boy doesn't understand the fine delicacy of a freshly fallen stick?

Reufus. That's wheu.

Fortunately, he's a quick study... or it would be outright and socially embarassing!

I prefer the little sticks... but I shake them as hard as I would a big stick. And yes... it takes a big boy to pull that off without looking silly. I don't recommend the meaneuver for the young and neuly initiated... Just saying.
And, little known fact... sticks are an excellent source of fiber.

I'm not sure if he's lazy or just totally a baby... but he keeps circling me, like I've got the only stick in the yard.
When in actuality... (1) I do not. And (2) At least 25 to 30% of a stick's fun is in the find! Silly boy...
And thanks finally to the Mom giving Reuf his own stick, he finally settled down to savor some tasty roughage!
I might just be making a little progress with him. Take a look... I think he's thinking about his stick. Well, that... or he's continuing to eye mine.
Whichever... Reuf is definitely learning to cheu the sticks!
You may be wondering why Reuf's fur looks a little wet in that picture. Well, we're starting to make progress in the garden manner department, too!
And for that, we have to thank the Mom's new best friend... The Super Soaker Shot Blast!

The Mom still monitors us the entire time we're in the yard. Reuf has taken just a handful of direct soaks and a couple of scares when the water hit the huge philodendron leaves... but it seems the temptation is subsiding already. And as for me... Why, I'm not getting MY fur wet for FILET MIGNON... and certainly nothing in the flower bed!!!

- - - - -
- - - - -

The Mom takes a LOT of photos every day. Always has.
And as we grow in emotional strength and bravery...
We find comfort in reflection.

I share with you... May 27, 2010, one year ago.

Our The Luke

The Mom's Little Shadow.
That's The Luke!

A handsome, happy boy.
And the best big brother a The Bleu could ever have...
Our The Luke.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Thinking - 052611 Edition

Yeah... One benefit to the Mom exploiting every opportunity to wear out spoil the Reufus is that we get tasty bones!!!!
As I do with all of life, I take my time and savor my bones... I lick them. I taste them. I smell them. I pause and think about them. And then I paw them a bit to savor them again! I think the longer you wallow in your pleasure... the better.
Clearly, the Reufus has never had a bone. He had not a cleu what to deu... but he started with a dance and a prance!
And then, when it seemed a bit heavy and clunky, he took a drop and a bit of a roll!
He thought he might challenge the videographer Mom to take it away from him... as if she was not thinking yes yes wear yourself out! didn't truly want the Sweet Boy to enjoy the indulgence for himself!
Silly Reufus. He finally figured it out... and he settled in for a good cheu!
Of course, He didn't deu so until he circled me a few times... taking notes on how he should be handling said bone!
Reufus was a quick study, and he worked on his delicious treat. The Mom took it from him a couple of times, and gave it right back... a test, a lesson in not being greedy. Just saying.
Sometimes you gotta shift the bone in your mouth...
Reuf see. Reuf deu.
Reufus kept circling me but would eventually settle a distance apart... I think, to keep me away from his bone!
But seriously... does he think I care about his bone???
I mean, I'm grateful for the rare bit of distance he's allowing me, but also... I have my own bone, thank yeu! I really don't need the one yeu've slobbered on... EUUUUU!!!