Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Trip To Spring Bark

You know how you get up some mornings and you just know you are going somewhere? Well, I knew this morning! And I was right... but it took me right up until the time we hopped out of the trolley to figure out where we were going, because I've never been to Spring Bark!
I will apologize in advance because my the Personal Assistant / Photographer / The Mom didn't get great photos of the day's events and highlights. When I asked why, she muttered something about having a hand full. I'm pretty sure she was talking about having two hands full of leashes... but I could be wrong.
One really neat thing about today is that the Reufus (middle) finally met and mingled with his Cousins Zeke (left) and Rizzi (right)! Now, why these three characters were watching the parking lot, instead of priming themselves for the petting of the passers-by... I will not judge.
The Reufus, by the way, was displaying his public personna for most of the day. You know the one I'm talking about... the polite, mild mannered, laid back, calm-for-a-puppy personality that paid his way onto the trolley one month ago today!

Of course after a while, he couldn't hold it in any longer... and he knocked over all of the stuff on one table, pushed stuff off onto the ground, hopped onto another table to steal a plush toy and then while the Mom was picking it all up, putting it all back... he was reuting around in Joy's purse! Sigh.
And then there was the well behaved Cousin Zeke... handsome boy who was lucky enough to sneak in a little swim in the pond / lake / body of water bordering the park! He is a Sweetheart!!! [Lock up your cardboard, Ladies!!!]
Here you see Cousins Zeke and Rizzi (just beyond Zeke) greeting the sweet Honey Girl, GRRH Class of 2011! Miss Honey was styling a lovely bandana AND decorative necklace!
And while I was hustling hugs from little children, ear skritches from their parents and also engaging in heavy petting with fifteen minute minimums... the Reufus was taking a break. 
Yeah, he's cute (but not as cute as me). And he got a lot of attention... but he couldn't keep it like I could!
If I was a bragger, which I am not... but if I was, I would tell you that The Bleu really knows how to work a crowd! I drew them in. I caused them to linger. I captivated them. And just when they feigned a little boredom, I spun a quick circle and reuted my head right back under their hands! 
I'm G O O D !!!

But now back to my story. Just when I thought we were probably going to board the trolley for home, we did not. Instead, we boarded the RED TROLLEY, which it turns out is driven by my Aunt Karen! Wheu kneu!???!

Pictured BOT (back of trolley): Me, The Bleu... very back. Rizzi (left) and Zeke (right) middle.

And wheu is that up front? Oh yeah. The Baby.

The Reufus... who did whine and misbehave, after the Mom had expounded on what a good car rider he was...
Something was bothering him. He was nervous. He was a wreck.
Something was on his mind.
And he wanted to make sure everyone knew.
U R G E N T   M E S S A G E
Thirty miles and about an hour later, we reached the 70 acre wooded paradise that has been developed by Honey and Jake, GRRH Class of 2007... and also their Dad!

It took maybe 60 seconds after our arrival to discover what was on RJW's mind... as he pulled away from the Family in order to let loose of about 45 gallons of p [I mean... it took about 10 minutes]. Bless the little boy's heart... but I digress!

It was a gorgeous place with an awesome party pavillion with exposed trusses, arts & crafts style light fixtures, flagstone patios and a stone fireplace and massive hearth. I mean... this place was fine.

And the best part of all were the... STICKS! While I wasn't happy about some of the dirt and mud, these issues were easily overlooked because I was in STICK HEAVEN! I wish we could have brought a few back as souvenirs. Just sayin.

As much as I loved the place, I also was very happy to board the RED TROLLEY for the return trip. [I am looking out the back (left), And Zeke is looking out the back (right). Rizzi lying in the middle. Baby up front.
Cousin Zeke gives up the rear watch, and I do what I can to maintain...
There was some snuggling going on between cousins, as we were all very tired. And even Baby Reufus was exhausted.
And if I may speak for the Reufus, we were both delighted to return to Spring Bark and say our goodbyes and thank yous... but we were thrilled beyond belief to board THE TROLLEY toward home!

Once here, I drank a couple of gallons of water. (I wouldn't drink after all those other dogs). Reuf and I both savored a hearty dinner. We watched the Mom work for work about 3 hours, and I counted two loads of wash and dry. This must all mean that we have her attention all day tomorrow??!?? *Crosses Paws*

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Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm afraid Reufus and Harley are really the same GR and they morph between HERE and THERE!

PeeEssWoo: What a keeper!

Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

What a fun day you boys had. I think you might be starting to like your little brother, Mr. Bleu. Keep showing him the ropes and all will be well.

Tucker and Daisy

Sheila and Bob said...

What fun, you all look like you had a blast. and it warms our heart to see how well Reufus is fitting in and hoe you Blue have taken him under your wing Paw.
Loved all the photos and meeting some of your friends.
Keep the posts coming, love every minute of them.

Hamish & Sophie

♥I am Holly♥ said...

What fun The Bleu and The Reufus!! We cannot think of anything better than going on a road trip with a group of furiends and friends!!! We hope you got a bunch of sticks and brought some home with you too!! Love the pictures!! Lots of love, Holly & Mom

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Golden HELLO! Pawsone Time! Wowie!!! Golden Congrats!!! Lots of Golden LOVES n Woofs, Sugar

houndstooth said...

Spring Bark looks awesome! I think you do know how to work the crowd like a pro, Bleu! I think that little brother of yours better be taking notes!


The Conifer Crew said...

Boy we wish could have played with you all - today we were suppose to go to the GRRR Spring Fling with all our friends, but the weather didn't let us. It rained in town and snowed here! To wet and muddy for the humans (we would have LOVED it) oh well. Glad Ruf knew not to go potty in the "bus"!
Romeo and Charm

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

A wonderful fun day for you and the Reufus. Amazing he could hold that pee for so long - guess you have to say he was a very good boy. We are so happy you managed to get all those scritchies - we know that technique too of sneaking back in for some attention from the human paws.

Thanks for sharing your very fun day.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara