Monday, May 25, 2009

Bano at Casa Del Rebano

This fine Memorial Day began with Mom luring me into what my brother Luke calls the trolley... behind him, of course... as he is always ready for a trolley ride, me not so much.

But I am happy with our final destination which is Casa Del Rebano (and add a ~ over that n!) for what it turns out is a... bano (add another ~ over that n too!)

And so Daddy... uh, Uncle Tom began with me, as I peer into the windows at Cousin Porter and Mama... uh, Aunt Madison... to please consider stopping this madness!

But I am, all in all, patient with the washing of the undercarriage!

It is the washing of the muffler that widens my eyes! (As Luke would say...) Just saying.
I am quite the civilized boy, unlike some boys we all know and love, who act like a fool!
And I wait patiently on the deck during my 20 minute soak.
And Mom marvels at how much smaller I look when I'm wet! And that just reinforces what I've always told her... I'm mostly hair!
She is so pleased with my good manners, but what did she think I would do... run off to roll in the mulch pile??? Why, I think not!!!
I am quite accustomed to the art and routine of this fine spa treatment.After all, I am the former resident also known as Numero Seis Jubilados!

And there is nothing quite as relaxing and joyful as the final rinse... especially when Daddy, uhhh Uncle Tom rubs my back... and Luke has given up his mischief!
It was a wonderful day with el rebano from whom I come! And it is wonderful to be clean and fluffed and back at home!

Special thanks to my Cousin Katie for teaching me the Spanish! If I messed something up... my apologies to her!


Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

spa treatments are the best - mommy does mine and i get a massage and mani - pedi and i look so handsome after (so mommy says) i just like the massage


Bleu said...

My brother Luke thinks of it as having his slippers removed... I think of it as love!


Bleu said...

Oops I made a HEUGE mistake in my original post and have now corrected it!

I am fleuent in speaking the language, rusty in the math!