Sunday, March 15, 2009

Luke's Birthday... My Day, Too!

Love Luke!
Who doesn't...???!
Or I'm scared not to?... I forget which!
But his birthday is good and fun and meaningful for many reasons:

One: Aunt Madison!
Have to watch the "Mom" word,
but hard to call her "Aunt Madison"!

Two: Uncle Craig rubs head like he understands
I way more like fisherman than fish...

Three: Dadd... "Uncle Tom" dotes on me because I am biggest hustler
(with all due respect to Buddy)
and because I am the dryest (thanks, Mom!).

Four: Might seem otherwise beyond,
but most important action is with Aunt Karen!
Her head rub says to me... "I understand you, Bleu!"!

Five: It's Luke's Birthday, and I don't want to take that away from him...
but just because he's a
blog celebrity,
he don't corner the market on loving from Aunt Lisa!

Six: Front seat suits me in all matters except car rides and Buddy,
in which case, I respectfully take back seat!

But Seven: I just love it when I've got the full attention of the
(let me try to phrase this just right)
"Uncle Tom and Aunt Madison"!

{{{"Rare occasion, I'm alone for a few seconds... not to worry!
I spy with my loving eye... }}}

Eight, bestest and mostest: Maaaahmmm..., errrrr "Aunt Madison"!


Anonymous said...

We love you both, and what a fun afternoon!

Bleu said...

So wonderful to meet and sink into you! You make wonderful "ear muffs"!

It was nice to spend the afternoon with Cousin Sidney, too, though I'm more of an Aunt kind of boy than a Cousin one!

I can't wait until my birthday! I'm planning an affair with linen table cloths and croissants at perhaps a French bakery!

Please DO mark your calendar! It won't be a proper holiday if you don't join me!

Love always... from Bleu!