Monday, January 2, 2012

And Celebrating His First Wright Christmas...

Our Little Reufus.. to our knowledge... has never properly celebrated Christmas. He doesn't know much about the holiday, the tree, ornaments, FEDEX deliveries, wrapped gifts, holiday bags with tissue paper... much less the actions that put these all in motion!
I tried to keep things normal for him... in all the ways I could.
He insisted on following me every where... just like always.
I share with you now... a Wheu-What moment.
Reuf almost looks like Golden Retriever here (inside joke).
A Very Most Main Part of TheWright Christmas
was when Santa delivered our Antlers
Christmas Eve Eve!!!
I'm just throwing this picture in because last time we talked, Little Reufus didn't have it in him to chill for more than two seconds at a time. We snapped this as he chilled for about five minutes!
He's even learned to pose!

Pictured here is Little Reufus, with his gift from The Herd!


And now posing with his gift from Aunt Dav...
Recognition for proper behavior...!

Mmmmmm... Apple Treats, too???!!!
One last pose to prove...
Reuf is a big boy now!!!

As you know, Our Aunt Karen came by Christmas Eve...
helping Santa deliver sack loads of toys...
to certain Special Boys...

Hee hee hee...
Santa really DOES know ALL!!!

Check out the monogram!!!
Is it just me... or do you see a hint of contrition?
I'm a really good naughty boy! Truly, I am!
I have hit the Mother-Load!!! If this is what I get for being naughty, I can't imagine being nice!!! But who am I kidding... I can't imagine being nice, anyway!
Back for the Monkey.
Sniff. Sniff. Sniff.
Monkey down.
Picture The Naughty Reuf smiling!

The fact that I'm smiling here...
is no admission of guilt!
To the contrary, I'm a very Good Boy!!!
Our first Christmas with Reuf was great fun!!!

Each day is a Treasure!!!
We're grateful for Your Prayers and Well Wishes.
Your Support means The World.

The Power of The Paw Rules...
Go Team Bleu!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day to Me! Happy New Year to Yeu!... And Playing a Little Catch Up!

On the morning of December 26, 2008, I came here for a two night sleep-over with my Cousin The Luke... And on the day I was supposed to return to my Awesome Foster Home with The Herd, the woman now known as my the Mom made some kind of excuse... that carried over to the next day, and then again with regularity over the course of the next week.

This was not surprising, since [as I've come to understand] the entire sleep-over was a little of a setup. You see, I had been living with The Herd for almost nine months. And in that time, a few things happened:
  1. I really fit in with The Herd. I love it there, and they love me. If I hadn't been Number 6, I would still be there. My Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom recognized that, with my shy and quirky personality, I easily got lost in The Herd.
  2. I never made it onto the GRRH website, because my Aunt Madison was determined to hand select my Forever Family. She understands me, and she wanted to make sure that she could always maintain contact with her The Bleu!
  3. The Luke and I got along from the day we met, because we understood each other. There were no jealousies between us. There was no competition. He wanted to be in charge, and I wanted him to be! Ha.
  4. At the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, the Mom committed to me. She made it official with my Aunt Madison, Uncle Tom and GRRH later in the day, January 1, 2009!
Our week long sleep-over was so comfortable... It was like magic, the way we fit together as a Family. And now, here we are today...
One Lucky Mom,
Three Wonderful Years
One Very Happy Me!!!

We've had a great day today. I've been playful and feeling well. I have eaten as many treats as I have breakfast and dinner foods. I ate some blackeyed  peas for good luck, I've squeaked my duck and I've made significant progress on my antler!

And now, I'd like to share some of my Christmas photos with you!
This is me with my gift from Aunt Dav!

Aunt Dav gave us this really GReat pillow, and this bag... just for me! 
Also in the bag... Berry Treats!!! Mmmmmm.....
Also from Aunt Dav...Gingerbread Buddy Biscuits!!![shhh..shhhhh... shhh. I'm not sure I'm telling Reuf about this!]

My Aunt Karen came by Christmas Eve to hug my neck.
She also delivered this sack... straight from Santa!!! 
It says "Have a Jolly Christmas"
and it's monogrammed...!
Yes, Yes... Nice sack!

Now let's open it, Mom!!!
Oh My, Oh My...
That Sweet Sack was chock full of the Fun Toys!!!
I'm such a polite boy...
How many more photos does a the Mom need?
Seriously... These toys need less photo ops, and more attention!

And just when I think the Holiday can't get any better...
I open my gifts from The Herd!
[I think, technically, I am expected to share the Salmon Biscuits with Reufus, but...
That Bleu Dragon is begging for my attention!!!
Yep, Yep. Mine!!!

Now, I know that not many sweet yet manly boys would appreciate three PLUSH bath mats for Christmas, but I love the two rugs that my Uncle Tom gave me to take with me on treatment days, and I was thrilled when Santa delivered these, just like... those!!!
I guess Santa really does know everything!
We had three spots that were begging for temporary rugs!!!
Toys and Treats and Rugs are wonderful,
and I love each and every one of mine!
What I love most about Christmas
is exactly what I love most about Every Single Day.

I love The Little Things.
I love the Mom.
I love Family.
I love Time.

And yes... I love my Fluffy Tail!!!
It's true that we face and fight the enemy every day, and there's a certain amount of stress in that... for the Mom, I know. We won't let that change the Spirit in Our Home.

I love the Song.
I love the Chatter.
I love the Laughter.
I love the Love.
Though I am faced with adversity,
My Life is Merry!

I'm grateful to each and every one of Yeu...
for The Power of The Paw...
for The Energy that flows through Team Bleu!!!

I'm SO not a needy boy,
If times weren't so critical, I wouldn't impose, but...
Please to keep up the Prayers, Positive and Healing Thoughts!I desparately need this protocol to be successful...
And Your Support... ROCKS!!!